03/21/21 | Alison Webb

Give it ago

I tried this food for my 18 year old cat who keeps changing his mind as to what he likes and what he doesn't, well he eats every bit and looks for more,, i am really happy as i hate waste, just give it a go, i will certainly be ordering more
12/30/20 | Simon

Just give it a try

I’ve had Rodney 6 months and never seen him sit and seem so happy eating initially, he normally sits and fusses for a good hour then realises that’s all he’s getting and still takes him time to finish it but he took to this strait away and for the price shipped to my door I couldn’t be happier

Wish they did small packs for the whole range

Of my two large cats, one will eat anything and the other can be really picky but he loves the Bozita diet and stomach variety. The problem is the pack size - even these ones in the 190g packs last for 3 meals. I tried them on the bigger packs and they are just too much, even for 2 cats, as they only eat a small amount of wet food. I wish they did 100g trays as they would be fully recycleable as well (can't recycle tetra packs here). Great quality food though.

Excellent high quality food

Tried 6 kitten tetra packs for our Maine Coon baby; what a success! Just got the 16 value pack!! Super quality pet food, high meat content and our furry friend thinks so too. Plan on moving on to the large breed adult food when time comes. Also love they’re tetra packs which we can recycle ♻️ so more environmentally friendly too.
09/17/18 | Heather B

Star Food in an industry of bad food

I rate this as food..High protein. Bozita in general seem to actually care far more... Used CARNY for a while but kitties enjoy both but don't like seeing the valves in the CARNY. Wanted higher quality & that's what I got... NICE ONE BOZITA. Asked customer service to get it to u ASAP after ordering.... Very good help there too.


It appears that Bozita have changed something in the recipe for the Large cats, as mine used to love this product, but now won’t touch it. I’m sure it is a matter of personal taste for each cat, but now I’m stuck with 14 boxes that she won’t eat.
02/20/18 | Julie Thomas

Bozita tetra saver pack

My two bsh silvers Luther n Zeus love all the tetra pack flavours cannot rate this food highly enough .clean bowls every time bright eyes shiny coats love this food very happy cats very happy owners
10/18/17 | Simba'sMum

It's a paws down

Bozita indoor sterilised was one of the trial packs I'd ordered to gauge what my new feline friend would like. It has very high meat content which is good, but apart from eating the jelly he barely touches the meat. Whether it was this particular flavour or the brand I don't know as I'm not willing to buy more. He did like Cosmo so I have just received my new order of it.
07/12/17 | Samantha


I was recommended this food on petforums.co.uk and chose this specific one for a Ragdoll with a VERY sensitive tummy (non stop with "the runs" for months now) Fisty can't get enough of it!!! He had been on Gourmet Gold pate (vet recommend a plain chicken pate type food b/c of his tummy) and whilst he did eat it eventually he would leave it for hours before eating a little at a time. He eats this as soon as it given and eats it all in 1go! you know when it's food time by his excited Ragdoll yowl
08/09/16 | trisha

Have they changed the contents?

My Maine Coons used to love the sensitive version of this but have both, independent of each other, decided they won't eat the first box of the latest 3 I received. Have they changed the contents? think I'm heading for eBay!!

Maybe it's the packing?

I bought this because of the good ratings but other than licking off the jelly.....my cats won't touch it even though one is a greedy girl
09/13/15 | maya

Excellent Kitten Loves It!

Our kittens are extremely fussy. Tried all types of food Grau, Mac's, etc. This is one of the few products they love to eat with very little waste.
05/03/15 | Lisa

High quality

I bought for my ageing cat who I have tried to get onto wet food as he had gum issues. He liked the first mouthful then turned his nose up. Prefers biscuits (swallowed whole!). I've donated the rest to my neighbours cats and they absolutely love it, so for cats who normally have wet food it looks like a hit :)
04/06/15 | Lucky

Ignore the previous Numpty.

Please ignore the negative comments below on Bozita not having a high meat content and only slightly better than Felix...what a joke!! The 93% meat per chunk is actual proper muscle meat! The jelly quantity is about 20% of the whole product. Substantially a much higher quality. How someone can say its slightly better than Felix clearly can not understand ingredient labels and lives on another planet. Each chunk of felix has only 4% meat if that and the rest is made of animal derivatives e.g bums, lips, beaks, feet and crushed bones!!! Plus the sugars and protien provided by vegetables and not meat. Last time I checked cats were carnivores. Bozita is a top quality high meat content food. Cats eat slightly less as they fill up quicker on proper meat so its more economical in the long run too. I highly recommend this product.

DOES NOT have the meat content that people think it has but goes down well with the kitten

I read people raving about Bozita's 93% meat content, but it is meat content per chunk not total content, with all other ingredients (including A LOT of jelly) the real meat content could be really very minimal, I reckon the jelly is at least 40%. That being said, most cats love it and my 7 month old ragdoll certainly prefers it to some others but if you want to give your cat a guaranteed high meat content meal, stick to Thrive, Forthglade, Lily's Kitchen etc. Applaws wet is also good but only complimentary so needs to be fed with other complete food. Bozita seems to be kind on the stomach though as whenever I feed my kitten this, his poops are much more pleasant! In a nutshell, Bozita is in my opinion a very slightly (but only slightly!) better Felix, same consistency but better quality Swedish meat.
11/25/14 | Smiller

3 month old Kittens love this

After trying out some other wet food we tried this and our Kittens love it and always want more. Will stick with this now as its very high in protein and kittens are growing well.
05/29/14 | penny

my kitten loves this

My 9 week old kitten loves this food. Keeps wanting more and is putting on a good weight after having come from the breeder ill. My adult cats also love this brand. A big cat and human thumbs up in this house!
05/18/14 | Claire

Paws Up!

I am new to cat ownership and my two young adult cats came to me on a dry food diet. Although it is a good quality dry food I wanted to introduce wet food as part of their diet. After reading extensive lists of ingredients and reviews, I chose Bozita for the price and quality. My one cat was starting to get a bit bored of the dry food and wow- what a difference! Their whole bodies were literally in the bowls when I put this out. They devour it, and their coats are shiny and soft which gets lots of positive comments from people. Like a previous reviewer I alternate the Indoor & Sterilised with Large and am really satisfied with the results. The cats seem happy and healthy and that makes me happy and healthy too!
02/27/14 | Jennifer A Shepherd

Kittens Eat This First

When given a choice between this and Animonda Carny kitten, they choose this everytime. Just wish I could get bigger cartons or bigger saver packs of more than 16.
01/19/14 | S. Santana

Good buy!

This brand was recommended by the breeder after our Maine Coon started developing digestion problem with the food recommended by the vet. He loves the flavour and his digestion problem ceased right away. Our cat has been eating the Indoor Sterilised and Large alternately for a few months and I have noticed a significant improvement on his coat and muscle mass.

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