My cat loves this one

This is my cat's favourite!
09/02/21 | Karen ASPINALL

No scent, no flavour, no likey

Gravy offerings: ratio of fish to gravy is poor and fish, meats, & gravy are void of good flavour and scent. Pollock is a poor choice for cats as it’s texture is too watery. Even the beef choice was bland in appearance and by my cat’s reaction I’d say lacks taste as well, if I can’t even smell the product once popping the top then it’s not gonna get eaten. Re the gravy: My two have gravy obsession and both licked it once and walked away. At least make the gravy look & taste good.
06/05/21 | Karina Gonsalez da Cunha

Cat crazy about it

My cat is very selective with food. She loves Applaws and mainly the gravy one. She has all the gravy first.
03/16/21 | Martina

Not a fan

This has a weird texture and smell. My boys will eat it but not too keen. There’s too much gravy and starch. Why do so many types of wet food have potato starch, gelling agents etc? I don’t think it’s something cats care about and it’s definitely not something they need.
02/17/21 | Sylwia


Most of the can is sauce, terrible watery texture, my cat wouldn't even smell it
07/29/20 | Lee

Very happy kitty

My cat LOVES this stuff, he's always been a sauce over meat kinda guy, so this is perfect. He loves the gravy most of all, so that's the first to disappear. Comes back for the tuna later. Much less wastage here than an average can of tuna.

Grain free

My cay liked it. Usually, he doesn't have apatite for grain-free products.
07/02/20 | Sofi

Grain free tuna deliciousness

Both my boys are absolutely obsessed with the tuna in gravy. It definitely looks a bit unappetising in the tin and smells a bit, but they love it and I feel better about it being grain free.
05/13/20 | Anne Williamson

Glutinous slop with stinking bits in it

Thought from the description this would make a nice change for my cats. Opened tin and recoiled from the smell; one cat refused to touch it, the other ate some then vomited it back into her bowl. What a waste of money, disappointed that Applaws thinks the standard is acceptable.

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