06/03/21 | Alex

My cat loves this food

I serve my cat one can of this for breakfast alongside her dry food and she absolutely loves it. She will come and get me up for breakfast and always eats it all.
04/21/21 | Jane Hunter

Clean plates!

My two young cats love this food so much there is never a bit of it left in their bowls. One of them has a very sensitive stomach so I researched for the most natural food available and this came out in the top selection. Since eating this, tummy problems have gone and I have a very happy healthy bouncing young cat and his brother too. We also have a very elderly lady cat who has big tummy problems. She eats mostly biscuits but has a wee nosh on this and it is so good for her too.
03/26/21 | Porsha

Excellent quality

My loves this food, no more waste. Tins are packed with quality meat. I also tried her on zooplus's own make, just as good at a cheaper price. Needs more variety
03/13/21 | Hayley & Rocket

An empty bowl

Previously purchased in smaller quantities from elsewhere but decided to go big and buy in bulk which means no last minute ordering when we get to the last few tins! Always a winner with our cat and always an empty bowl!
03/12/21 | Laura


FINALLY a food my fussy cat adores. Will definitely keep buying!!!

Fantastic food- saved my cats life!

My cat made national news this week- he is three and a half, and survived a vicious and terrible attack from a local cat hunter. Samson was so healthy, so well fed, and so fit, that he survived TWO life threatening operations, and was strong enough to do so! I can not recommend Applaws enough!!!
09/06/17 | SK McC

Good natural food

We chose this brand of wet food as it lists specifically meat composition, and low on grain to try and keep our cat healthy from diabetes. We supplement 1 can in the morning with Applaws dry food out all day and half a pouch of other wet food we're trying to finish the stock off in the evening. Our 4kg cat usually finishes most of the chicken, but some remnants that do remain tends to dry out when it's left out during the day and stick on the bowl so requires soaking.
08/31/17 | Laura

Adored by the Cats

My kittens absolutely love Applaws. When I fill their bowls they're so excited to dig in. My older kitten used to pick at her previous foods and seemed to eat out of necessity rather than enjoyment. Now her mealtimes are a highlight of her day. It's also comforting to know that my cats are eating actual meat.

Excellent value

This Applaws is excellent value for money, I think, because it is all meat or fish, with no by products in it like other cat food on the market and is cheaper than compatible food in the supermarkets, such as Encore
10/10/16 | Nicola

You can see the difference eating Applaws makes.

My cats absolutely love these products. They mostly have chicken and pumpkin to help their digestion but they love the tuna flavours too and go crazy for the tuna loin treat. You can see the difference between this and other cat foods. It gives all three cats a beautiful shiny coat. I can't say how pleased I am with Applaws. Such great value too.
09/29/16 | gillian walker

Mackerel and sardine is the favourite

Ocean fish was the favourite until sardine and mackerel was tried. My fussy cats not keen on the other flavours. He loves this wet food so much it is a pleasure sitting watching him eat it. Its worth every penny. He nibbles on hills biscuits aswell. He has one tin of applause each day. The dogs get all excited when he gets it and wait patiently incase they can lick any off his whiskers afterwards. But hes usually licked it all off before them.
05/04/15 | Ema

My cat loves it

I bought the salmon 12+ for my cat and she loves it; she cannot seem to get enough of it and cleans her bowl every time she has it, something that does not happen with everything I give her.
05/03/15 | Mrs P Bragg

best cat food

My British Shorthair keeps a good weight and despite a 'Heart Murmer' diagnosed as a kitten, he is very lively and playful. Loves this food and nothing else I have tried.

A Life Saver

Our 5 year old cat recently had pancreatitis and the vet stated no more rich food (in gravy or jelly), but a bland diet - cooked chicken or white fish. Well the cat soon got fed up with this and then I came across Applaws. Wow he just lapped it up and as it is 100% natural, it is most suited to his diet. What a great product.
06/08/14 | Steve

The best wet cat food.

Applaws is the only wet food our cats will consistently eat. We have tried other brands just for variety and the cats will only eat them for a week or two so we always end up back on Applaws. In the 4 years since we got our cats I have never had a single tin of Applaws that didn't seem top quality, it is always 100%. We always buy the 24-tin saver packs because they are the best value. The only slight downside to Applaws wet food is that it isn't a 'complete' food so we have to make sure the cats also eat complete dry food too, which can occasionally be difficult. Overall I would recommend Applaws wet food to everyone simply because the cats do love it. A+++

fussy kitten

this is the only 'cat food' our 1 yr old kitten will eat. He has expensive tastes but buying in bulk from zooplus has saved us money. Some tins have more brine than others. Well worth tryiog if like us you have extremely fussy feline friend.

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