02/02/20 | Katrina Collier

Awful Taste

My Labrador, who is anything but fussy about food, hated the taste of this. It has a strong smell that reminds me of Vegemite and it was a complete nightmare getting him to eat it. I have switched him too the one without all the join additives and he's wolfing it down, phew!
01/23/20 | John Bathe

Recommended by my vet

It took my 7 year old Rottie cross (rescue ) a while to get used to this product. But now she eats it with relish. She was overweight and arthritic. She is loosing weight and far more lively than before.
10/28/19 | Helen Robbins

Fabulous food!

We had tried everything from joint injections to hydrotherapy to ease my aging dalmatian’s arthritis. After only three weeks she is much more mobile, enjoying her walks and even managing to sneak back on the sofa. She’s definitely trimmer too. Coat looks amazing. We are also using this under Veterinary advice for my 40kg labradoodle. His coat looks the best it has in years. Both dogs wolf the food down with no dietary upsets. Stools are larger and a little crumbly in texture.
06/19/19 | J Starky

My Labrador is sick after eating this for breakfast

My Labrador does not fussy about food, he eats any food! He eats any food the different kennel provided never has problems! He had this brand before sometimes ago, and this time, he only had about 1 -2 weeks, two days ago, he doesn’t eat this food and walked away from his breakfast which is extremely unusual. Using his favorite food to mix in, he finished his meal , So each morning I would mix some his favorite food in with this food, if he doesn’t eat, but he was sick after meal vomit all food
06/30/18 | Lynda Colbeck

My dog is loosing his colour

Please help although this product is good for my Labrador s joint problems He has lost his shiny black coat and is turning silver all over. He is only 2years old. Any one else had this problem????

Disagreed with my beagles

Having used the Hills Metablic without added Mobility for years, I was recommended by my vet to try this version for my 3 aging beagles as one was already showing signs of arthritis. One refused to even try it, the other ate it very reluctantly and one ate it over 3 meals and became very ill with vomitting, required vet treatment and took a week oto recover. All were fine back on normal Metabolic.

Great Product

My vet recommended this food for my little Cavalier King Charles who loves her food and was overweight. Since having this food she still loves her food but has lost all the excess weight, and is back to her lively happy self.

Good stuff

My rather large labrador loves this food. It is helping her to loose weight as well as helping her joints
06/07/16 | originally published in zooplus.fr


It's great that I can finally order this kibble at zooplus. My labrador went from 42 down to 36 kg without even exercising too much!
04/27/16 | originally published in zooplus.de

super food

Good to see that I can finally order this food at zooplus. It really helps my beagle, she has been eating it for half a year now and really appreciates it. Her joints are cutting back but ever since she started eating this food she doesn't even need any more painkillers. She only gets this food and luposan joint tablets. I can really recommend it to anyone who has a dog with joint problems.

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