04/12/22 | Joanne Lock

cats hated it

Clearly got a lot of fur out even on the shorthair but they both hated it, it seemed to pull a lot. Gave it to a friend, she said the same about her cat. Real shame

02/15/22 | Greta

Good for removing fluff, maybe a little too good

The first time we used it it removed so much fluff we could barely recognise our cat. However, it's a little too effective at times because if you press too hard or get a mat, it will just rip out (still living) fluff, causing pain to the cat.


Worth the investment, BEST BRUSH EVER!

I've tried numerous brushes with my two shorthaired cats as the eldest struggles with hairballs and we wanted to help her out. We've only used this brush since yesterday and I think we've gotten out more loose fur with one brushing session than we have with all our other brushes combined! It is comfortable in your hand, easy to clean with the brush cleaner, solidly built so will last, and best of all our cats LOVE it! Yes it is more expensive that alot of other brushes, but this is worth it!

01/09/22 | Greta

Worth the price

Our kitten is a mixed ragdoll and it’s such a struggle to brush him. This brush removed more undercoat in one swipe than most do in 10

12/09/21 | Przemek


Honestly fantastic equipment to maintain your cat’s fur. I have to Maine Coons. I have tried many different brushes and combs, and so far furminator is the best. Highly recommend

11/02/21 | Catherine Brown


I’ve a long haired cat that I’d already brushed when I received the furminator , trying it out thinking I’d not get too much more out of her, oh how wrong I was, I could have knitted another cat with the fur I got out. Just got to get used to using it now. Fantastic

10/12/21 | Angela dawson

Some like it long haired cats

I have 11 cats at least half are long haired or medium and short hair a few fight over me doing there hair they love it the shorthaied tend to drop the back down as it is for heavy duty fur its good solid i did think it was mechanical but its not expensive but some love it some wont let me use it good for long haired cats bit pricey

02/20/21 | Bernadett

I have saved 10 hours of hoovering

Gonna be honest. My girl didn’t really enjoy the brushing. She always hated it. However with this brush I’ve taken out so much fur in 5 minutes than with normal brushed in 2 hours. So this is amazing. I didn’t think it would work like this. She looks sooo pretty. I highly recommend it. So easy to clean it too. I cannot even compare it to normal brushes.

01/29/21 | Marzena

Furminator is a superstar

I would highly recommend furminator as it does the job it tells in description, my kitten has a long hair and he doesn't like brushing, always trying to escape but when I use furminator he is more calm and let me brush him. Lots of hair stays on furminator so we both are very pleased with it.


Best brush ever!!

Bought this to groom my Maine coon kitten, tried other brushes but have to say this is the best by far and she seems to enjoy it. Removes so much loose fur in a matter of minutes. 5 Star!!

11/05/20 | elena

broke in a few months

the release mechanism broke already after a few uses absolutely rubbish

07/18/20 | Nina

Can not imagine life without FURminator!!

We've recently got a Maine Coon kitty and maintaining his long, thick coat was never easier! We have tried different brushes, but nothing removes his shedding fur like the FURminator, we were AMAZED. Plus, he seems to be enjoying it as well and the difference in the amount of hair this product picks up is amazing! I'd recommend this to anyone, even if your kitty does not like brushes, it will like this one.


Genuinely amazing

It took some slow work & treats to get out cats used to the brush but now our cats don't mind it at all. Using this as part of the brushing routine has reduced the amount of fur around the house drastically. We have two white fluffy ragdolls so hair is a part of our lives but honestly this brush has worked wonders - it's gets so much off of them and their coat is always soft and lovely after 😍

07/11/20 | Kalina

Great Tool



Good but .....

I bought the short hair version and the long hair version as I have a rag doll and BSH. However the only difference is the colour of the eject button. So my advice is - good product but if you have different breeds you don't need to buy the different products as they are the same!!

12/28/19 | Chané


My human bought this for me. Apparently I was leaving fur everywhere. I have to say though it’s really got rid of my knots in my under fur and I’m so much more comfy. I think it’s probably going to be great in hot weather to.



This is THE best comb around! The amount of fur I get off my boy is crazy! So easy to use and he likes it too!

02/05/19 | Victoria


Excellent product

12/08/18 | NN

Nice product. Highly Recommend.

Very good quality and really easy to use. At least 5 times more efficient than the traditional grooming tools. Highly recommend. Worst to purchase.

03/07/18 | Carmen

Buy the large for longhair

definitely the best, as everybody says, tho I have a medium size british cat, medium hair and I couldn't imagine the waste of time brushing it with the small size brush, large is just perfect. I also went for the long hair one and I think is just perfect.

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