04/29/22 | Sheridan Sheahan

4 foster fails

I have 4 cats, 3 short 1 long. None of them like being groomed, one detests it, one does really like it and two tolerate. It took a but of getting used to but it's the only brush I can use on them for any period of time. I actually think with very short medium pressured experiences with lick I lix they might eventually become ok with this. Kitties shedding is sure a chore 😊

07/16/21 | Manon

Messy but effective

Basically to echo other reviews here...it works really well but makes a heck of a mess. It brings up a lot of loose hair, and while a lot is held between the 'bristles' the majority is left on the cat or my lap. One cat absolutely loves it, purring and kneading whilst being massaged. Her sister on the other hand...she took one look at the brush and ran off terrified 🤷‍♀️

05/15/21 | Rob

Really works

I didn't think this would be as affective but my cats hate being groomed so thought they may prefer this. It really does get a lot of hair my bsh sheds quite a bit.I've tried every type of brush comb for my cats and whilst they don't really seem to prefer this I find it easier to use this on them than others

04/04/21 | Sheridan

Effective but messy!!

Firstly my girl does not like to be brushed, she is a BSH x Turkish Angora so not a long coat.. but sheds A LOT in spring! I groom her everyday during this time & finding this brush means I no longer have to hold her down or chace her about to groom! It is obviously much more gentle & at the same time it really grips the hair! The only con being it does make a mess with a lot of hair flying about. I have a old bed I use to contain all the stay hairs..

12/28/20 | Ally

Great for all

One of my cats wouldn't let me groom her with the usual metal comb so thought I would try this. Happy to report that she loves it and we now have a daily grooming session where she flops on her back and enjoys being groomed for the first time in her life.


Loud purring!

My kitten was a bit suspicious at first to this new thing, but now he loves being groomed with it! He purrs really loudly and have his eyes half closed.

05/12/20 | Cookie

Cookie loves it!

Every time we take this brush out Cookie thinks it's a massage/spa time! She LOVES it. It is effective but I still use it in combination with the furminator bomb as furminator just does the job much better but Cookie doesn't like it's harsh nature so a combo works a magic! This brush is also good for removing hair from furniture. This is our second order!

04/25/20 | Leanne

Better on wet hair.

I’ve had this for some time now, bought for my chocolate Lab. Unfortunately was no good for him on dry hair so got the Furminator instead. That is great. But used this today whilst bathing him & worked amazing. Got out so much extra fur!


Norah is not a fan

She loves the really scratchy scratch of her metal brush (that looks like an instrument of torture) so much that she split her ear with it headbutting into it, hence why I got this. No, just no! She is not amused!

07/25/19 | Lucy

not that great

bought this on the strength of these reviews - but really disappointed

09/05/18 | Anna

It Works

Was sceptical about this product but it worked fine on my Ragdoll's thick coat. My cat loves being groomed and as this product is made of soft rubber, there is no sharpness.

04/23/18 | kate simpson

A Winner

Yasmine hated being groomed but gradually she became used to this and now loves it. Picks up hair and massages. Moulting season a pain no more. Pull hair off and wash under tap. For hair removal I use long tooth side but I use other side for massage. Soft on the skin unlike wire brushes and durable.

01/05/18 | Hattie

It works but the cats hate it!

It removes loads of hair (and will also cover yourself and any furniture, so create a space or groom outside for least amounts of hassle). However, my two short haired mogs run away from it and one actively tries to bite it - not keen at all, despite loving normal strokes and scratches. So yes it works, but I only traumatise the cats about once a week as they dislike it so much!

08/15/17 | Donna

If madam doesn't like it will be a great shampoo brush

Froglet is still circling this and being ultra cautious. If she doesn't come round the prongs are strong but much less hard and spikey than the shampoo massage brush that i've just purchased for me, so it won't go to waste

08/08/17 | Samantha

Big hit with heavily shedding floofball!!

I bought this for my Ragdoll who sheds EVERYWHERE but is a pain to groom. When he has no choice he's far more interested in playing with your arm and if the brush/comb has a handle he goes into crazy mode trying to chew the handle. 5+ diff brushes later i tried this as it was recommended by Jenny from floppycats.com, so glad i did! The fine fur "sticks" like a magnet. It's soft so doesn't dig, fits perfectly in the hand and adjusts to his curves. He also loves getting his cheeks massaged with it

07/16/17 | Sarah J

What a mess

I previously used a germinate, but found this too harsh on my kittens. My adults males love the ferminator though. My sister recommended this. So I purchased. Wish I hadn't I can't believe the excellent reviews on here for this product. It fails to collect the hair, so you have so many hairs flying through the air, on yourself and on your kitty. Creates so much mess you are unable to use indoors. I can't use this, waste of money for me.


Absolutely marvellous

Am about to order more. My cat can't get enough of it. Even lies on his back, legs akimbo and head right back in my hand, wanting me to do his whole stomach and throat area. He cries to me until I succumb and spend ten minutes grooming him every night and morning! I have worn down the "bristles" on two zoom grooms, but well worth it as apart from the joy it brings him, it really does remove loose fur extremely well. Only word of caution is to comb your cat after to remove stray hairs.



My black and white domestic shorthair loves this ecstatically, especially in her head . She'd be bald if I groomed her with it as much as she wants :-)

03/14/17 | Lou wood


Best brush ever. Really does get loads out whether long or short hair. Highly recommended

02/05/17 | GPIL

Bit awkward to hold, but effective.

I didn't get the change to try this too much as my cat was clear about not liking it. For the little I could use it, it worked well. It's a bit clonky to use, whike it's cute to shape it like a cat, it makes it a bit awkward to hold.

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