02/19/22 | Graham

Great budgie cage

Great cage at a good price lots of room for my 2 budgies easy to build lots of feeding stations with 2 water bottles etc.

11/25/21 | Margaret Bertram

Fabulous new mansion for Lady

I recommend you watch You Tube to assembly this cage.. I found it easy to do and I did it all on my own.. I was worried about it coming with broken bits etc.. it came well packed and no breakages..fabulous size my budgie loves it

11/25/21 | Margaret Bertram

Ferplast bird cage

This product is worth every penny.. I'd recommend going on YouTube and follow his instructions... I managed to do it all onto own and I'm 72yrs young.. Lady my budgie is now chirping away merrily in her new cage


Very good cage!

Very good and relatively sturdy once assembled. Very spacious. The flexi perch is awesome. Assembly was tricky and I was afriad of breaking the cage as parts seemed flimsy but that all disapeared once put together. I have one large budgie so he will be very spoilt in this. Thank you. Great price


Large cage

The first one I received was damaged. The replacement i received was also damaged. I did manage to speak to someone who has helped me with this issue. Cage is a great size, but quality is poor. I had a vision before and I only wish they did a bigger version of it as it was much better quality than this.

02/15/21 | Jimmy

Ferplast Piano 6 Bird Cage

Wow my budgie love's the new mansion,so much room,easy setup,and next day delivery service,we are both very happy

04/04/20 | Anna J C

Spacious lovely cage

This cage was bigger than I expected I was very pleased, plenty of room for my budgie to fly around in. My only critisism would be that the doors are a little small for when it comes to removing and placing toys in, it would be perfect if it had a bigger door. Other than that the cage is really good and my budgie settled down quickly and loves his new cage.

07/24/19 | Suzanne bruty

Efficient delivery and very spacious cage

The cage was easy to put together and all components were in good condition. It is a very practical cage with everything you need.

05/21/19 | Julie Lomas

A great cage and great service from Zooplus.

Don’t expect to receive this without breakages. It comes with no protective packaging except a cardboard box. I received two broken ones but I have to say that Zooplus were excellent and quick in putting it right. If you can pick up from your nearest Yodel depot- do !!!!!

04/12/19 | Jo

Mansion for budgies!

My 2 budgies love this cage. It has so much space that I can be creative with their environment. Love the perches which I can make into any length or shape. It does have flaws (in my opinion). There's 2 pull out trays but I feel 1 tray would be better as there's a plastic strip between the 2 trays which is an extra thing to clean poop off. This is my 2nd Piano 6 but the front feeders are up high, not down low like my last cage (and sites pic) birds dont like this (yes I put front on right lol)

11/24/18 | Emma

Excellent Cage = Happy Budgie!

My young budgie is in heaven in his big new cage. Loads of room for him to fly about and enjoy his swinging toys. He loves it and is certainly telling everybody too! Unfortunately the delivery time was slow from Germany to the UK and the manufacturers packaging was very poor resulting in damage to the plastic base, but I cannot rate ZooPlus Customer Service highly enough as they were very prompt and fair in resolving the issues. I would therefore recommend this product, as would my budgie!!


Piano 6

I’ve had this for 6 months now, I find access for cleaning inside difficult as cannot take apart due to birds not being tame. Also, I’ve had the roof of cage drop before now due to plastic fixings. On a positive note; there’s plenty of space for them to fly around

10/24/18 | Sky

excellent cage, happy budgies

Cage arrived quickly and well packaged, once assembled it is a really good size perfect for my four budgies. The perches that you make up are a really good idea and give the birds plenty of surface to climb around on, also gives the cage a more natural look. The feeders are a good idea and are easy to fill and clean all the birds seem to get used to them very quickly, having four stops squabbles when the birds are eating. The water dishes fix securely and again are easy removed for cleaning.

01/24/18 | Grzegorz


A very beautiful and large cage. I received a slightly damaged one on the corner and a cracked one water feeder. In addition, not the color as pictured, I did not even have a choice. The paint will scratch when closing the door. Nevertheless I highly recommend it.

11/10/17 | Sarah Phillips


Massive cage, plenty of room for two budgies to fly around in. The bottom of the cage was chiipped but that didnt affect it staying together. Food pots were tricky to assemble but I found a video on youtube to help me along. Instructions are a bit crap but other than that it is a brilliant cage.


Good size, happy bird.

Cage arrived within 48 hours of ordering. Well packaged. Good design, size, and budgie very happy.

04/22/17 | Linda

Happy Dixie!

Excellent cage. I inherited a canary and wanted a cage wide enough for him to have a good fly, flutter and hop. 'Whistling Dixie' was immediately fascinated by every aspect of his new home and is chirping and singing, so I'm guessing he's a happy chappie. Delivery/service excellent, but should mention the lip of a corner of bottom tray was broken off, but it doesn't affect structure or appearance, so I couldn't be bothered to return it for a replacement, which I'm sure zooplus would have done.



UNPRACTICAL in use. after assembling the top part I then had to turn it upside down to get my forked branches in some kind of order then set in place when turned over again. the door openings are inadequate for maintenance. the feeder cups are a nice touch but they still let seed and casings through when they are perched there feeding and 2 would be suffice!!. the bottom area is a of poor design too as the opening where the trays go let waste fly through them when the bird(s) take to wing.

12/22/16 | Jo Ward

Love this cage!

Brilliant cage! It's spacious so plenty of room for my 3 parrotlets. The extras are great too & I love the feeding system. The only downside for me are the doors are too small but having 4 helps.

04/18/16 | Steve Evans

Great size great buy..

Having read all the reviews I had to buy this cage for my 2 budgies.. the size is fantastic.. the can fly and get lots of exercise.. the feeders are also great.. they just spin around and slot out .. so easy.. great fast delivery too.. slight damage to the base on the corners but can hardly notice.. highly recommended..