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VAT Adjustment

I’m all for discounts, but what is this about?

We couldn’t change all our prices at once to reflect the new VAT of 15%, but we wanted to pass the savings on to you. That’s why we decided to give you a special discount right here in your shopping basket. Over time, we’ll be working to re-calculate our prices to reflect the change, meaning that at some point we’ll turn off this discount because the savings will be reflected in our prices.

How is this discount calculated?

The VAT changed from 17.5% to 15%, but that doesn’t mean that the tax is 2.5% less. The actual difference in end price is about 2.13% - we’ll show you using the example of a product that cost £5 including VAT:

If the product normally costs £5 in the shop, the price without the VAT of 17.5% would be 4.255.
£5 = 4.2553 x 1.175
Product Price = Price without VAT x VAT

Now if we take the same product that costs 4.255 without VAT and add the new VAT of 15%, we get a product that costs £4.89.
4.2553 x 1.15 = 4.8936
Price w/o VAT x New VAT = New Product Price

Now we need to calculate the actual difference in price:
4.8936 / 5 = 0.9787
1.0000-0.9787 = 0.0213

This reflects a savings of 2.13% which happens to be exactly the savings that we’re passing on to you!