1kg bosch Biscuit Lamb & Rice

Reward: 1kg bosch Biscuit Lamb & Rice

  • 1kg bosch Biscuit Lamb & Rice

Hearty dog snack with lamb and rice in a  resealable box (1kg), balanced and digestible with low allergy risk, especially suitable for dogs with nutritional sensitivities. ...further information

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Product description

These dog snacks are not just a reward for good behaviour or a snack as a sign of affection - bosch Dog Biscuits Lamb & Rice also contain lots of healthy features that can have a positive impact on your dog's well-being.

bosch Biscuits Lamb & Rice are a low-allergen chew snack for dogs with nutritional sensitivities. A low allergenic potential and high digestibility make this dog snack particularly suitable for dogs with allergies and digestive problems.

bosch Biscuit Lamb & Rice:

  • Dog snack for nutritionally sensitive dogs
  • Low allergenic risk
  • Select recipe, adapted to your dog's special requirements
  • Top quality ingredients
  • Made in Germany
  • Bone-shaped dog snack
  • Resealable box
bosch Biscuits Lamb & Rice come in a convenient resealable box that keeps the snacks fresh and crunchy and makes serving really easy. The dog snacks inside are made from quality ingredients in a balanced recipe. bosch Biscuits are made in Germany according to the most recent scientific findings - inspired by love and knowledge for your dog.

Please note: The 5kg snacks are in a cardboard box. Only the 1kg snacks come in a resealable box.


Wheat flour, wheat middlings, poultry fat, lamb meal (min. 4 %), rice (min. 4 %), calcium carbonate, sodium chloride, yeast (dehydrated), dicalcium phosphate.

Vitamin A (5.000 IU/kg), vitamin D3 (500 IU/kg), vitamin E (75 mg/kg), vitamin B12 (10 mcg/kg), zinc (20 mg/kg), copper (7 mg/kg).
Contains anti-oxidants and preservatives.

Analytical constituents

protein 15.0 %
fat 8.5 %
fibre 2.5 %
ash 6.5 %
calcium 1.25 %
phosphorus 0.9 %
magnesium 0.17 %
potassium 0.45 %
sodium 0.3 %
calories that can be burned 14.8 KJ/100 g

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation:
Dog's weight Snacks per day
2.5 - 15 kg 0.2 - 1
15 - 30 kg 1 - 2
30 - 60 kg 2 - 3
Fresh drinking water should be available at all times.