33g Yarrah Organic Dog Chew Sticks

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  • 33g Yarrah Organic Dog Chew Sticks

Delicious dog snacks with tangy flavours, vitamins and minerals - hearty sticks in individual packets ...further information

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Product description

Treat your dog to a little indulgence with a tender organic snack between meals. Yarrah Organic Dog Chew Sticks are incredibly tasty and since dogs in the wild feed off fresh meat, dog snacks and treats with high meat content match this natural behaviour providing natural nutrition.

The added spirulina makes fur shiny, increases vitality and strengthens your dog's natural bodily defences. Natural vitamins and minerals provide organic preservation without the use of any chemical colourants, scents and flavourings. This makes Yarrah Organic Dog Chew Sticks a really special snack for your dog.

Yarrah Organic Dog Chew Sticks:

  • Each 33g bag contains: 3 Chew sticks
Only raw materials stamped with the EKO seal of approval are used in the manufacturing process, which meet the high standards for organic production. The raw goods are entirely free of added hormones, herbicides and pesticides – a really natural snack!


93% meat* and animal by-products* (81% beef*), grains* (wheat*, maize*), minerals, herbs*, salt, algae* (0.2% dried seaweed, 0.1% dried spirulina).
*= Certified organically produced, EKO, SKAL 1301


Analytical constituents

protein 43.0 %
fat 29.7 %
fibre 2.1 %
ash 7.0 %
carbohydrates 3.5 %
calcium 1.5 %
phosphorus 1.1 %
magnesium 0.08 %
moisture 14.7 %
sodium 0.8 %
salt 2.0 %

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendations:

Yarrah Organic Dog Chew Sticks are a supplementary food for dogs.

Chew sticks are designed to be a treat or a small extra snack for between meals. Chew sticks are not a complete meal but rather should be used as a supplement to dry or wet Yarrah food.
Should be stored somewhere cool and dry.


33g Yarrah Organic Dog Chew Sticks
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