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Terms of Agreement

1. Registration/Inquiries regarding the Affiliate Program
(1) Your registration begins with the completion of the partnership application. We will process your application as quickly as possible and inform you whether or not we have accepted your request.
(2) We reserve the right to refuse applications, if we believe that your website is not appropriate for our partner program.
(3) This program is intended primarily for English websites operated in the United Kingdom. Exceptions are possible, provided that the website operator concerned has a bank account located in the United Kingdom.

2. Participation
(1) Partners may place as many links as desired in any area of their website they should wish. The provided advertisement material links to our homepage and identify your website.
(2) Please review our instructions regarding the technical accommodations and our links. Please use only the links that we provide, otherwise we cannot guarantee an accurate account of the traffic your site has generated.
(3) The management of your website is subject to your own stewardship and creativity.

3. zooplus’ Responsibility
(1) We will provide a variety of graphical links (buttons, logos, banners), and the relevant information regarding the proper placement of links. We will also regularly provide new graphical links, so that you can continually fashion your website.
(2) We monitor and record the orders generated via your links, calculate their net sales, and regularly inform you of your progress. Naturally, we also arrange the payments, shipments, and returns of all relevant after-sales service.

4. Accounting your Income
(1) You receive commission for the links on your website, depending on their success. provides you with 3% commission of the net sales of the orders coming directly from your links that were bought, distributed, and paid in full. Additional customer service charges such as shipping costs do not count towards net sales.
(2) Should the price of an order be rebated, the amount of the rebate will be subtracted from your net sales. In cases where we have already provided you full commission on a rebated product, zooplus reserves the right to subtract the appropriate amount from your next paycheck or recall the commission directly.
(3) Using your links to place order for your own personal needs is not allowed. Commission will not be paid for your own purchases.

5. Your Commission
(1) Your commission, 3% of your net sales, will be transferred to the bank account you provided within 14 days of the end of the fiscal quarter. Should that amount be less than EUR 10.00, we will hold that amount and add it to your commission for the next fiscal quarter. If you should terminate your account, your quarterly commission will be transferred regardless of the amount.
(2) If you are subject to taxation on advertising profit, i.e. if we must provide you with a tax credit in addition to your commission, please provide us with the appropriate information when your register. Then you will receive your commission plus value-added tax and credit voucher sent to you per email. Private individuals are liable for taxes on sales and purchases. If you are not subject to tax on sales on sales and purchases you will receive your commission without a tax credit. Should you become liable to tax on sales and purchases during your partnership, please disclose that information with us immediately. Should receive additional claims tax claims resulting from the misrepresentation of your own tax liability, we reserve the right to reclaim the required amount.
(3) We do not accept requests for the refund of costs related to your advertisement.

6. Limited License
(1) We provide you with non-exclusive, non-transferrable, and revocable right to use our graphical links and other advertising material from for the purpose of advertising our own website. We reserve all rights to our logos, our trademark, and all other industrial property rights.
(2) This limited license expires immediately with the termination of this agreement.

7. Your Obligations
(1) You are completely responsible for the management of the technical operations and maintenance of your website’s material and content.
(2) Your website’s material must not harm a third party, be offensive, or illegal.
(3) We cannot be held liable for third-party damage incurred due to your own website.
(4) You must not give the impression that your website is part of our website. Furthermore, you must not register your website under the words zooplus or with any internet search engine.
(5) Your are not authorized to advertise any offers in our name, nor may you disclose any information to a third party that gives the impression that you speak for or otherwise represent zooplus.
(6) You are required, when advertising with providers such as Google AdWords, Yahoo, Miva etc., to refrain from the following:
  • Booking advertisements with the visible domain or with a direct forward to
  • Using the word “zooplus” in advertisement text or booking advertisements under the name “zooplus”
  • Reserving advertisements with the options “Content Network,” in order to ensure that an advertisement does not result in context with legally protected keywords.
  • Booking advertisements with terms from the blacklist below.
(7) You must list the terms in the blacklist below as campaign negatives in all advertisement campaigns in order to prevent an advertisement as a result of broad match keywords.
  • Blacklist:

8. Expiration/Termination of Contract
(1) This contract is binding for a minimum of three months, after which, both sides have the right to terminate contract with 7 days. You have the right, naturally, to terminate contract at any time.
(2) The right to terminate contract under exceptional circumstances, especially in cases of violations of sections 4, 6, & 7, remains intact.
(3) Compensational/financial demands will not be honored.

9. Alteration of Contract
We reserve the right to alter the terms of agreement at any time. In such cases, you will receive notice vial email. Should you find an alteration unacceptable, you always have the right to terminate contract. Cooperating with the new terms of agreements from the first date of validity shall be received as tacit acceptance of the alterations.

10. Confidentiality
(1) The provisions laid out in this contract, business and financial information, as well as customer information, prices, and sales are strictly confidential and may be used neither directly nor indirectly for your own business purposes.
(2) This clause is invalid when the pertinent information is common knowledge or otherwise accessible to the public.

11. Warranty and Liability
(1) We manage the according to our own technical abilities. We cannot guarantee against errors and interruptions in our service and website.
(2) We are liable for knowingly and avoidably breeching contract or otherwise knowingly failing to meet the terms of contract.
(3) In cases of negligence, we can only be held liable up to a typically foreseeable loss.

12. Miscellaneous
(1) United Kingdom law applies to this contract. This contract is not transferable without our agreement.
(2) Should a provision of this contract be or become inoperative or infeasible, the efficacy or feasibility of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected. The same principle applies to gaps in provisions.