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Hemp Bedding

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Product description

This natural bedding soaks up liquids like a natural sponge, binding them in the finely chopped litter that has been cleaned from dust.
The loose, open structure and pores of the hemp ensure excellent ventilation, putting an end to unpleasant smells caused by rotting and fermenting of bedding. Moisture is passed back out while the smell stays in the capillaries of the bedding material.

Advantages at a glance:

  • very efficient, 560% absorbency
  • 12 x more absorbent than straw, 4 x more absorbent than wood shavings
  • pH-neutral, harmless for allergic pets
  • very economical: use only a thin layer
  • does not stick or produce dust or smears
  • softer and more cosy than pellets
  • ideal for compostable waste or your garden compost bin
  • no unpleasant odour development

Hemp bedding is particularly suitable for small animals that build their shelters and nests in bedding. Dens and channels built by the animals will be stable and stay intact.


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