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Our 2017 Christmas Market

Our Pet Christmas Market

Welcome to the zooplus Christmas Market, offering everything you need to make your pet happy this festive season!

Here at zooplus, we know that happy pets mean happy owners, and never more so than at this festive time of year! Whether it’s kitting your canine out in a dog Christmas jumper or festive dog Christmas outfit, or preparing for the festivities with a cat advent calendar or pet Christmas stockings, look no further than the zooplus Christmas Market! Dog Christmas presents and cat Christmas presents can be a key part of being a pet owner, ranging from cat beds and dog cushions to festive food! And it wouldn’t be a festive dinner with some Christmas cracker treats for your pets!

In the build up to Christmas, why not treat your pets to a cat advent calendar or dog advent calendar? Here at zooplus we offer plenty of advent calendar options, packed full of Christmas cat treats and Christmas dog treats - your pet will no longer have to wait until the big day for its little cat or dog Xmas presents! Your pet can even dress for the occasion with a dog Christmas jumper.
We’re all familiar with the best parts of Xmas, so here at zooplus we’ve created options for every stage of the day - including pet Christmas stockings! Find all your pet presents this year at zooplus, and celebrate your pet’s stomach with dog festive food or a cat Christmas dinner!

Take a look at the whole 2017 Christmas Market available here at zooplus, to ensure you can make all of your pets happy this festive season, with everything from food to treats to toys!

  • Dog Christmas Market:

    • Dog Festive Food: treat your canine this year to a hearty dog Christmas dinner, with dog festive food for every part of the season! Your dog’s Christmas food feasts can start as soon as possible, with a dog advent calendar! We also offer plenty of Christmas dog treats and exciting toys that make great dog Xmas presents! A dog Christmas stocking could also be just the ticket, with low-fat, sugar-free options for Christmas cracker treats to ensure your dog can indulge guilt-free!
    • Dog Christmas Gifts: spoil your loved one with dog Christmas presents this year, ranging from cosy blankets and dog cushions to dog Christmas jumpers and dog Christmas outfits - let your dog dress up as Santa this year! With everything from combs and brush to placemats and fancy collars, your dog Xmas presents can all be taken care of at zooplus.
    • Dog Christmas Toys & Games: keep your dog entertained this festive season with our great range of Christmas dog toys, with colours and themes to get everyone in the Christmas spirit. These festive dog toys make great Christmas gifts for dogs!
  • Cat Christmas Market:

    • Cat Festive Food: let your cat join in with a cat Christmas dinner! Here at zooplus who offer a great range of cat festive food, including Christmas cat food editions such as tasty turkey feasts and irresistible cat Christmas dinner treats! A cat advent calendar is also bound to be a hit, or treat your feline to some Christmas cracker treats from well-known brand names!
    • Cat Christmas Gifts: here at zooplus you’ll find cat presents aplenty! Cat Christmas presents can range from a shiny new scratching pad to a new cat flap for increased adventures. Whatever it is you’re looking for, our selection of Christmas gifts for cats cannot be beaten!
    • Cat Christmas Toys & Games: from plush toys to danglers to cat trees, or maybe you want to treat your furry friend to a new cat bed? We have all the Christmas cat toys your feline could ever dream of!
  • Small Pets, Birds and Fish Christmas Market:

    • Christmas Gifts for Bunnies & Guinea Pigs & Other Small Pets: pet presents this Christmas are not only limited to dogs and cats - your small pet will love a festive gift! We offer everything from nibble logs to new hutches and runs, as well as offering advent calendars your pet will love!
    • Christmas Gifts for Fish: festive fish gifts galore here at zooplus, including fancy flakes and new rocks and aquarium decoration that will have fins flipping!
    • Christmas Gifts for Birds: a Christmas pet treat or new perch is the perfect way to spread the festive joy this year, with something for every feathered friend!
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