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Water Conditioners

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Water conditioners help ensure a healthy aquarium by balancing the ph and nitrate levels of the water. Water conditioners from Tetra, Sera, Dennerle, and Easy-Life help maintain healthy aquarium water or prepare water for aquarium cleaning.

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Up to 22% off Easy-Life Fluid Filter Medium ratings (3 Reviews)
Easy-Life Fluid Filter Medium  
A unique fluid filter medium which stabilises and improves water quality, Easy-Life Fluid Filter Medium has a very wide application range with more than 30 benefits.  
- 250ml Was  £7.99
Now  £6.49
( £25.96 / l)

- 500ml Was  £9.99
Now  £7.99
( £15.98 / l)

- 5000ml Was  £54.90
Now  £42.90
( £8.58 / l)

Up to 62% off Tetra AquaSafe ratings (10 Reviews)
Tetra AquaSafe  
Water treatment liquid - makes hard tap water safe for aquarium use. Suitable for tank top-ups, transporting fish and quarantine treatment.  
- 250ml RRP*  £9.75
Our Price  £6.99
( £2.80 / 100ml)

- 500ml RRP*  £16.49
Our Price  £9.99
( £19.98 / l)

- 5000ml RRP*  £87.69
Our Price  £32.90
( £6.58 / l)

Tetra Water Treatment Set ratings (1 Review)
Tetra Water Treatment Set  
500ml AquaSafe water treatment liquid and 500ml EasyBalance long-lasting care solution.  
500ml + 500ml individually priced £18.98
now £18.90
Tetra AquaSafe Double Pack ratings (4 Reviews)
Tetra AquaSafe Double Pack  
Water treatment liquid - makes hard tap water safe for aquarium use. Suitable for tank top-ups, transporting fish and quarantine treatment. Now available in the economic 2-pack!  
- 2 x 500ml individually priced £19.98
now £19.90
( £19.90 / l)

Up to 38% off Tetra CrystalWater Water Conditioner ratings (1 Review)
Tetra CrystalWater Water Conditioner  
Clears your aquarium water quickly and effectively from clouding, for crystal-clear water  
- 250ml RRP*  £11.25
Our Price  £6.99
( £2.80 / 100ml)

- 500ml Was  £16.90
Now  £14.90
( £2.98 / 100ml)

18% off Dennerle Nano Catappa Leaves Dennerle Nano Catappa Leaves  
Catappa leaves for improved quality of surroundings in aquarium and nano tanks: Dennerle Nano Catappa Leaves  
- 12 leaves Was  £4.49
Now  £3.69
Easy-Life: Price £ (incl. VAT)   Quantity Buy
Easy-Life EasyStart Water Conditioner Easy-Life EasyStart Water Conditioner  
This water treatment is works very quickly and it highly effective. It is full of good bacteria which help to keep your aquarium clean and free of chemical pollutants and heavy metals.  
- 250ml Was  £7.99
Now  £6.99
( £2.80 / 100ml)

Tetra: Price £ (incl. VAT)   Quantity Buy
Tetra SafeStart  Water Preparation More photos (5) Tetra SafeStart Water Preparation  
Water preparation for stocking fish into your aquarium.  
- 100ml RRP*  £10.49
Our Price  £5.99
( £5.99 / 100ml)

JBL: Price £ (incl. VAT)   Quantity Buy
JBL Biotopol Water Conditioner ratings (1 Review)
JBL Biotopol Water Conditioner  
Water conditioner and mucous membrane protection.  
- 250ml for 1000l RRP*  £9.79
Our Price  £7.99
( £3.20 / 100ml)

- 500ml for 2000l RRP*  £17.79
Our Price  £14.90
( £29.80 / l)

JBL Denitrol Bacteria Starter More photos (2) JBL Denitrol Bacteria Starter  
Denitrol from JBL contains bacterial cultures which breakdown proteins. This starter concentrate encourages the biological decomposition of pollutants and helps to keep water clean.  
- 250ml for 7500l RRP*  £23.45
Our Price  £19.90
( £7.96 / 100ml)

Dennerle: Price £ (incl. VAT)   Quantity Buy
Dennerle Catappa Leaves ratings (1 Review)
Dennerle Catappa Leaves  
The tropical almond leaves improve the living environment in the fish tank and are valuable supplement for catfish and shrimps.  
- 10 pieces Was  £7.99
Now  £5.99
( £0.60 / piece)

Dennerle AquaRico Elements+ ratings (1 Review)
Dennerle AquaRico Elements+  
Minerals and Trace Elements promote Health, Vitality, and Vibrancy.  
- 100ml for 3.200l Aquarium water £12.90
( £12.90 / 100ml)

Dennerle Black Cones Dennerle Black Cones  
Dennerle Black Cones are matured, dried cones used to protect and enhance aquarium life.  
- ca. 50 pieces Was  £5.99
Now  £4.99
( £0.12 / g)

Dennerle Nano Care Set Dennerle Nano Care Set  
Dennerle Nano Care Set contains Nano Water Conditioner, Daily Fertiliser and Crusta-Fit for optimal care of your nano tank  
- 3 x 15ml Was  £12.90
Now  £9.99
( £22.20 / 100ml)

Sera: Price £ (incl. VAT)   Quantity Buy
Sera Nitrivec More photos (2) ratings (1 Review)
Sera Nitrivec  
Biostarter for aquariums, special mix of assorted high-grade cleansing bacteria for aquarium water.  
- 100ml Was  £5.99
Now  £4.99
( £4.99 / 100ml)

- 250ml Was  £9.99
Now  £8.99
( £3.60 / 100ml)

- 500ml Was  £14.90
Now  £13.90
( £27.80 / l)

- 5000ml Was  £57.90
Now  £55.90
( £11.18 / l)

Sera Aquatan More photos (2) Sera Aquatan  
Clarifies the water, instantly bonds harmful heavy metals and neutralizes dissolved salts and abrasive chlorine. For freshwater use only.  
- 250ml Was  £9.99
Now  £7.99
( £3.20 / 100ml)

- 500ml Was  £12.90
Now  £9.99
( £19.98 / l)

- 5000ml Was  £52.90
Now  £39.99
( £8.00 / l)


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