Garden Pond

Turn your pond into a stunning garden feature. At zooplus, we supply everything you need to maintain healthy pond life: pond filters & pumps, pond fish food, pond water care, plant fertilizer, and much more.

Tetra Pleco Tablets Fish Food
Tetra Pleco Tablets Fish Food
RRP*  £5.80
Our Price  £3.49
( £0.03 / piece)
Easy-Life Fluid Filter Medium
Easy-Life Fluid Filter Medium
Was  £6.99
Now  £4.99
( £19.96 / l)
TetraTest 6 in 1 Water Test Strips
TetraTest 6 in 1 Water Test Strips
RRP*  £12.75
Our Price  £8.99
( £0.36 / piece)
Easy-Life 5 in 1 Test Strips
Was  £11.90
Now  £8.99
 Garden Pond    Pond Water Care:

Pond Water Care Water conditions are singly the most important thing for keeping the animals and plants...
Pond Water Tests Regularly testing water quality is essential for diagnosing problems in your pond, whic...

 Pond Food & Treatments   Pond Food & Treatments:

Pond Fish Food Help your fish to thrive by feeding them specially formulated food for pond-dwelling fish.
Turtle, Tortoise & Terrapin Food Lots of tortoises, turtles and Terrapin make their home around garden ponds in the summ...
Pond Plant Fertilizer A key element to a healthy and vibrant pond is having thriving plant life. zooplus offe...

 Pond Equipment   Pond Equipment:

UV-C Water Clarifier In this section you will find a selection of UVßC water purifiers. Our water purifiers ...

Our Top Sellers from the Garden Pond section of the shop:

JBL Algol 1.  JBL Algol Arrow
Algol from JBL is the effective way to control algae without using copper. Se...
- 250ml for 1000 litres  
RRP*  £15.29
Our Price  £12.90
( £5.16 / 100ml)

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Easy to use good results: "I give this products 5 stars because the instructions are clear, you get a measuring cap, and the product works in a few days. Good value for money as contains quite a few ..."
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Sera Goldy Flake Food 2.  Sera Goldy Flake Food Arrow
This flake food from Sera has been formulated to meet the specific nutritiona...
- 250ml  
Was  £3.49
Now  £2.69
( £1.08 / 100ml)

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