An aquarium is your starting point for the world of aquatics. Find the perfect fish tank and get started! All the aquariums we stock are made with top quality materials, skill and precision. Give your fish the perfect home!

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Nano Aquariums Vibrant underwater worlds in miniature format for shrimp, crabs, dwarf crabs, snails, s...
Freshwater Aquarium Sets Whether you're a novice or an expert, a freshwater tank can be quite fun to keep and ma...
Saltwater Aquarium Sets A saltwater aquarium will certainly allow you to have an interesting variety of colorfu...

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Aquariums by Size An aquarium is your starting point for the world of aquatics. Find the perfect fish tan...

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Aquarium Accessories Here you'll find useful accessories for your aquarium to make it more homey.
Aquarium Cabinets Choose the right cabinet to put your fish tank on. Together they will form a harmonious...

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Juwel Aquarium Cabinet Rekord SB 835 1.  Juwel Aquarium Cabinet Rekord SB 835 Arrow
Sturdy flat-pack cabinet for 80cm aquariums. For organising aquarium equipmen...
- Cabinet 835 SB, black, no door  
Was  £59.99
Now  £54.99

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Excellent service!Absolute BARGAIN!: "Item ordered saturday evening arrived wednesday midday. Cheapest I could find online or at any local shop! Quick and easy to assemble. Excellent service, will definitely ..."
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Tetra AquaArt Evolution Line LED Complete Aquarium Set 100L 2.  Tetra AquaArt Evolution Line LED Complete Aquarium Set 100L Arrow
Aquarium set with a modern design and innovative, low-energy LED lighting wit...
- 77 x 38 x 48.2 cm (L x W x H), approx. 100l  
RRP*  £243.80
Our Price  £169.99

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Gorgeous aquarium: "I received this aquarium in 48 hours, it was well protected and arrived in perfect condition. I am very satisfied, the quality is very good and the LED lighting is really g..." -originally published in
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Juwel Aquarium Cabinet Rekord SB 60 3.  Juwel Aquarium Cabinet Rekord SB 60 Arrow
Flat-pack cabinet for with a door in a sleek design for 60cm aquariums. For o...
- Cabinet 60/70 SB, black, with door  
Was  £69.99
Now  £64.99

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Let minnow if you find any better home aquariums online.

We'd like to take this oppor-tuna-ty to tell you about our range of aquariums, so that you can find the sole one for you. There's nothing fishy about our deals- they're just off the hook! We don't want to carp on about it too much though, so take a look at our top picks for yourself: else risk letting your dream aquarium slip through the net.

The zooplus guide to home aquariums

large aquariums
  • If you want an off the scale home aquarium check out the Fluval Spec 3 Nano Aquarium for a small aquarium with a porpoise.
  • The finnacle of large aquariums is the Tetra AquaArt 60L LED Aquarium Set with integrated day and night lighting. How swish.
  • This mainstream home aquarium comes with filters installed: great if you're angling for a no-fuss option.
  • What now?

    Finding the perfect fish tank is going swimmingly, but now it's time to accessorise:
    aquarium stands
  • Aquarium Care: Keep your tank reel clean with our range of equipment.
  • Aquarium Lighting: Looking for something a bit more Pacific? How about lighting?
  • Juwel Aquarium Cabinet: Out of all the aquarium cabinets out there, you'd batter go for this one.

  • Keep your head above water with our special offers on fish products.

    Still floundering about which aquarium is right for you? Take a look at our range of aquarium decorations whilst you mullet over. We'll sea you there...
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