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Skin and coat supplements are a great way to keep your pet's skin and coat looking its best by providing essential fatty acids and other nutrients. These skin and coat supplements provide the cells of the skin with the necessary nutrients, such as Omega-3 & Omega-6, to keep the skin healthy, reduce shedding, and improve a coat's shine.

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Up to 30% off Velcote Nutritional Supplement for Skin and Coat More photos (2) ratings (15 Reviews)
Velcote Nutritional Supplement for Skin and Coat  
Velcote supports the skin functions in cases of dermatosis (skin diseases) and excessive shedding.  
- 100ml Was  £12.90
Now  £8.99
( £89.90 / l)

- 250ml Was  £19.90
Now  £13.90
( £55.60 / l)

- 500ml Was  £34.90
Now  £27.90
( £55.80 / l)

14% off Grau Seaweed Meal More photos (3) Grau Seaweed Meal  
Natural seaweed product, containing vital iodine, natural minerals, vitamins, amino acids, supports pigmentation, for a glossy coat. Optimal supplement also of raw material supplements  
- 400g Was  £6.99
Now  £5.99
( £1.50 / 100g)

Hokamix: Price £ (incl. VAT)   Quantity Buy
Hokamix Skin & Shine Nut Oil More photos (2) ratings (2 Reviews)
Hokamix Skin & Shine Nut Oil  
Cold-pressed, natural nut oil, rich in omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, for skin and fur problems, quick-acting in just a few days, in handy squirt bottle - suitable for cats, dogs & small pets  
- 250ml £23.90
( £9.56 / 100ml)

HOKAMIX<sup>30</sup> Powder More photos (4) ratings (2 Reviews)
HOKAMIX30 Powder  
Hokamix herb-blend in powder form balances nutritional deficiencies, and helps with skin, coat, tendon and ligament problems  
- 400g Was  £14.90
Now  £13.90
( £34.75 / kg)

- 800g Was  £26.90
Now  £25.90
( £32.37 / kg)

- 2.5kg £59.90
( £23.96 / kg)

- Saver Pack: 2 x 2.5kg individually priced £119.80
now £104.90
( £20.98 / kg)

HOKAMIX<sup>30</sup> Forte Powder More photos (3) HOKAMIX30 Forte Powder  
Enriched with chlorella (freshwater algae), helps against stubborn, long-lasting skin and fur problems, binds heavy metals, with a natural growth factor for the regeneration of skin cells  
- 750g £42.90
( £57.20 / kg)

Salmopet: Price £ (incl. VAT)   Quantity Buy
Salmopet Salmon Oil More photos (2) ratings (13 Reviews)
Salmopet Salmon Oil  
Pure Salmopet salmon oil for dogs, cats and even horses, from 100% fresh Norwegian salmon. For healthy skin, shiny fur, and maximum health, as a daily dietary supplement  
- 300ml Was  £9.99
Now  £7.99
( £26.63 / l)

- 1000ml Was  £19.90
Now  £16.90
( £16.90 / l)

Luposan: Price £ (incl. VAT)   Quantity Buy
Luposan Biotin Luposan Biotin  
Supplement tablets to prevent deficiencies and strengthen skin and fur. With herbs, microalgae and a special premix of biotin vitamins, the optimal dosage  
- approx. 130 tablets £12.90
( £0.10 / piece)

Luposan Moor Liquid More photos (2) ratings (3 Reviews)
Luposan Moor Liquid  
The natural product for stomach and intestines. Improves metabolism and coat.  
- 500g £14.90
( £29.80 / kg)

- 1000g £25.90
( £25.90 / kg)

Luposan Zeckweg – Flea & Tick Repellent ratings (18 Reviews)
Luposan Zeckweg – Flea & Tick Repellent  
Luposan Zeckweg is a supplement for dogs. It has biologically active ingredients to help keep your pet's skin healthy and in doing so protects it against flea and tick infestation.  
- 1200g Was  £34.90
Now  £29.90
( £24.92 / kg)

Hunter: Price £ (incl. VAT)   Quantity Buy
Hunter Salmon Oil More photos (2) ratings (2 Reviews)
Hunter Salmon Oil  
100% pure Icelandic salmon oil from Hunter for cats and dogs, rich in precious omega 3 fatty acids for healthy skin and glossy fur, designed to be mixed with food  
- 250ml Was  £8.99
Now  £6.99
( £2.80 / 100ml)

- 500ml Was  £11.90
Now  £9.99
( £19.98 / l)

Other: Price £ (incl. VAT)   Quantity Buy
Dibo Salmon Oil Dibo Salmon Oil New  
Pure salmon oil is rich in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. It is 100% natural and helps to support healthy skin and fur as well as keeping the heart, immune system and joints in good working order.  
- 500ml Was  £7.99
Now  £6.99
( £0.01 / ml)

- Saver Pack: 2 x 500ml individually priced £13.98
now £11.90
( £11.90 / l)

Nutrivet Wild Salmon Oil More photos (2) ratings (2 Reviews)
Nutrivet Wild Salmon Oil  
Nutrivet Wild Salmon Oil for Dogs and Cats - made ​​from 100% fresh Norwegian and Scottish salmon.  
- 100ml Was  £4.99
Now  £3.99
( £39.90 / l)

- 1l Was  £16.90
Now  £12.90
( £12.90 / l)

Lupoderm skin and coat treatment ratings (1 Review)
Lupoderm skin and coat treatment  
With lecithin, for healthy skin and a shining coat  
- 250ml £11.90
( £4.76 / 100ml)

- 500ml £19.90
( £39.80 / l)

- 1000ml £32.90
( £32.90 / l)

Beaphar Multi Vitamin Paste with Biotin More photos (2) ratings (1 Review)
Beaphar Multi Vitamin Paste with Biotin  
Beaphar Multi Vitamin Paste with Biotin for dogs ideally combines a multi vitamin paste with precious biotin – for a well-balanced intestinal flora, healthy skin and glossy fur  
- 250g Was  £7.99
Now  £5.99
( £2.40 / 100g)

8in1 Vitality Brewer’s Yeast ratings (1 Review)
8in1 Vitality Brewer’s Yeast  
8in1 Vitality Brewer’s Yeast tablets with biotin, zinc and Omega-3 fatty acids to keep your dog’s coat healthy from the inside. Regular use will improve dry, dull fur.  
- 260 tablets Was  £9.99
Now  £8.99
( £8.25 / 100g)

Hemp Oil Feed More photos (2) ratings (2 Reviews)
Hemp Oil Feed  
Valuable food supplement for pets with allergic reactions and fur and coat problems, boosts the immune system, increase vitality and energy, for dogs, cats and other pets  
- 250ml Was  £9.99
Now  £8.99
( £3.60 / 100ml)

Cod Liver Oil with Thistle Oil Cod Liver Oil with Thistle Oil  
Vitamins A and D support the metabolism and encourage growth  
- 250ml Was  £3.49
Now  £2.99
( £1.20 / 100ml)

Powdered Bovine Fat More photos (3) Powdered Bovine Fat  
Energy-boost, enriched with glucose, quickly absorbed by the body, for pets with high energy requirements incl. police and sports dogs, suitable as an appetiser for fussy dogs and cats  
- 400g Was  £12.90
Now  £9.99
( £2.50 / 100g)

Dog Skin & Coat Supplements: Price £ (incl. VAT)   Quantity Buy
Canina Barfer's Best Canina Barfer's Best  
An optimal supplement for dogs which eat a BARF (bones and raw food) diet. Packed full of important vitamins and minerals, for healthy bones and teeth. No artificial colours or taste enhancers.  
- 500g Was  £17.90
Now  £15.90
( £31.80 / kg)

- Saver Pack: 2 x 500g individually priced £31.80
now £29.90
( £29.90 / kg)

As a Supplement: Price £ (incl. VAT)   Quantity Buy
Royal Canin Mini - Dermacomfort More photos (2) Royal Canin Mini - Dermacomfort  
Royal Canin Mini - Dermacomfort dog food: For small dogs prone to skin irritation and itching. Reduced allergen formula, premium protein sources and omega-3 and -6 fats to promote  
- 800g £5.49
( £6.86 / kg)

- 4kg RRP*  £23.29
Our Price  £18.90
( £4.72 / kg)

- Economy Pack: 2 x 4kg individually priced £37.80
now £35.90
( £4.49 / kg)

As an Alternative Price £ (incl. VAT)   Quantity Buy
8in1 Fillets Pro Skin & Coat 80g More photos (3) ratings (1 Review)
8in1 Fillets Pro Skin & Coat 80g  
Delicious premium chicken dog treats with the proven 8in1 concept. Enriched with omega-3 fatty acid-rich linseed oil for healthy skin and shiny fur. Available in two sizes.  
- Small Size Was  £2.49
Now  £1.99
( £2.49 / 100g)

- Large Size Was  £2.49
Now  £1.99
( £2.49 / 100g)

Bosch Goodies Hair & Skin More photos (4) Bosch Goodies Hair & Skin  
Delicate dog snack with valuable fish oil, vitamins and trace elements to support and promote healthy skin and a thick, shiny coat, in a convenient, resealable box.  
- 450g £2.99
( £6.64 / kg)

- Saver Pack: 3 x 450g individually priced £8.97
now £6.99
( £5.18 / kg)


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