Oster Clipper Golden A5

Fur clipper machines are designed for fur care and the professional Oster Golden A5 is available in two varieties: 1 Speed or 2 Speed Clippers.

The professional Oster Clipper Golden A5 is a powerful machine with a smooth running inversal motor. The dog clipper is available in two varieties:

  • Golden A5 1 Speed with 2,200 SPM*
  • Golden A5 2 Speed with 3,300 SPM
Both clippers offer a powerful 45 watt motor and are excellently suited for private or professional use. ...for further information...

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Oster A5 Clippers: "I got my clippers back in July, they were on offer with a free blade, I can't remember if the 7f or 10 was free but I bought the other one aswell (cos.."

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- 1 Speed Clipper (without blades) 51307.7 Was  £129.00
Now  £99.90
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- 2 Speed Clipper (without blades) 51307.8 Was  £139.00
Now  £109.00
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- Clipper Blade No. 4 51307.2 Was  £29.90
Now  £24.90
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- Clipper Blade No. 5 51307.3 Was  £27.90
Now  £22.90
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- Clipper Blade No. 7 51307.4 Was  £24.90
Now  £19.90
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- Clipper Blade No. 7F 51307.5 Was  £24.90
Now  £19.90
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- Clipper Blade No. 10 51307.6 Was  £24.90
Now  £19.90
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Continuation of Product Description:
They both offer quiet, low-vibration use and the blades are easy to attach and change. Not a problem - even for novices!

Oster Clipper Golden A5 at a glance:

  • Exchangeable blade system for convenient use
  • Quiet universal motor
  • High continuous performance of 2,200 or 3,300 SPM
  • Super grip by slip-proof surface texture
  • Clippers come with cleaning brush, motor grease an cleaning oil
  • Clipper Blades are not included, but can be bought separately
Please note:
This device is designed for use in Germany and thus comes with a power adapter for use in the UK.

All dogs and cats have a different type of coat and as such the Oster clipper blades are sold separately. This allows the customer to purchase the correct blade suited to their pet's coat. The term "F" means that the Oster blade has fine teeth. An "F" blade is mainly used for smooth, soft and very fine hair.

Illustration of different Oster blades:

Moser Schermaschine Scherkopf 10 Moser Schermaschine Scherkopf 7 Moser Schermaschine Scherkopf 7F Moser Schermaschine Scherkopf 5 Moser Schermaschine Scherkopf 4

Additional Information about Oster blades :

Oster blades are made out of Cryotech, a metal that has been tempered with to make it ultra-hard, reducing the need to sharpen it. In addition, the design of the blade puts less stress on the clippers, producing less heat during use.

Cutting head Body area Cutting length Smooth/long and wiry fur Soft, curly fur Strong, thick fur with undercoat Matted coat Breeds
Oster Nr. 4 suitable for general shearing 9.5 mm x x e.g. Poodle, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Newfoundland
Oster Nr. 5 Skip Tooth suitable for general shearing 6.6 mm x x e.g. Poodle, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Newfoundland
Oster Nr. 7 suitable for shearing thick or matted coats 3.2 mm x x For general shearing: e.g. German Shepherd, Labrador, Golden Retriever, Chow Chow, Newfoundland; For matted coats: all breeds
Oster Nr. 7F suitable for shearing (short) and matting 3.2 mm x x x x all breeds
Oster Nr. 10 suitable detailed trimming on head, face, ears, paws and rectum 1.6 mm x x x x all breeds
(not suitable for general shearing)

*SPM = Speed Per Minute (2,200 or 3,300 "back and forth motions" per minute at 45 watts)

pdf User Instructions

pdf Oster Blade and Dog Breed Guide

pdf Oster Blade Guide

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