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Really Good Run

Bought this run for my rabbit during the summer - was very impressed. It is very solid, sturdy and offers Speckles a huge area to run around. It is also very versatile - Speckles has been in and had his incisors removed today - so brought in 4 sides of the run into our utility room and made up a small run for him Great very versatile!! Only downside the cover could be a bit bigger! All in all a great product and well worth the money....

Great size run

This run is a lot larger than the picture shows, also the sides are strong. Great for our rabbits to run around in,room for lots of toys and high sides so there is no risk of them climbing out. One down side for me was the netting/roof does not fit very well, and as we live in the country I wanted a safe top. I have been and bought a trampoline cover, it does not look as good but is at least safe when I am not around.

Good pen

This pen creates a huge area for the rabbit to have a run about. The only thing was one of my buns decided to use the sides as a ladder and got over the top even though it's so high, i just have to make sure the top is done up securely.

Very versatile

Extremely pleased with this run - very spacious but its also possible to use fewer sides as an indoor run when its cooler or when you have a new kit and want to introduce it to grass gradually so it doesn't get an upset stomach. Very quick and simple to assemble and easy to step into for an adult. My daughter spent all day sitting in it when her new bunny first arrived!

Excellent run! Could hold all my rabbits if they got on!

I currently have 14 rabbits. I can't let them out together, but i'm looking to be able to keep the two groups of 3 rabbits that are bonded together and i'm sure the run would be comfortable for 6 bonded bunnies. The run arrived quickly, thanks zooplus! The quality is superb. It is safe to leave the rabbits unattended in the day if your garden is semi enclosed and live in a residential area like i do, rather than the country side where there are more foxes no doubt. I left mine overnight and as there was alot of space they didn't dig up my lawn! Very good +. I think because of the shape i can peg some chicken wire under it with the pegs provided so that it is secure from the bottom however. I will cut the wire to the shape of the pen and then lay it down before i peg it in position for additional safety and i would be happy to leave them out overnight in our neighbourhood. I've never had a problem with cats, but maybe that's because my rabbits are not scared of them :) My cat was more than happy to join them, walking through the little gate of the enclosure and i managed to fit through it also, being 5ft 4 and size 10. I can actually span the run across diameter wise. So once the run is up it has some length to it and the design is pretty for the garden. Also you don't get those horrible lines running across your garden from the weight of the wooden runs. It is heavy enough to be secure but not to cause damage to the grass. I have previously bought a 6 sided size run like this for my other indoor rabbit so wasn't expecting that much more, but the size impressed me immensely and the netting shade area was bril as there was a heatwave yesterday of 30 degrees and they stayed out in it all day without getting heat stroke. I find myself sat in the garden watching them, as they seem so happy, doing binkys. One of my rabbits has a deformed leg slightly, but the run is safe in all aspects so not to catch her. I was thinking about buying the ruby run because it was cheaper, but this is definately well worth the money for the size and the netting, and the rabbits are happy. Very good value for money. Such an enjoyable run to make, i put it back to front the wrong way initially, but if you start from the door and work your way out , you can't go wrong, just put the pieces togther. The netting i realised needed to be secured right over the top of the run's highest points. It's quite easy to move as you just take down three pieces, move them and move the other 3 parts then 2, or whatever you can carry. I'm not that strong! Anyway, Thankyou for reading my review. Back to the garden!!

Love this run

I ordered this run as the normal one i order hasnt been in stock for few weeks, i think this run is really good, lots of space for bunnies to hop around. The cover isnt 100% secure but its fine with supervised play :) xx

Great run for my buns

This is a good size for my 2 bunny's to play happily together in, plus I used 5 of the panels to make a mini home in my house for a few days to keep my male rabbit in after he was neutered.

The Smallest Escape!

A good pen, loads of space and easy to put together but if your animals are babies check that they cant get through the bars as I spent 4 hours chasing my baby gineau pigs round the garden yesterday!!! (my fault for not checking the size before I put them in!!!)

Excellent Value For Money

My dad normally builds my rabbit runs but cost of materials alone is expensive in itself. The photo on the website doesn't do the size justice - My Rabbit and Guinea Pig have so much space they think christmas has come early. In fact you could quite easily fit a few more in there!

Great Value

My bunny rabbit is delighted with herself loads of room to run around,safe and secure, easy to put together, the net is a great idea,

Great Value

I Looked at lots of different runs before choosing this one and this run is perfect for my belgian hare and its also great for my daughters guinea pigs as well its very easy to put together and with a little adjustment the cover fits great. I could not believe how spacious it is and the price, alot of the wooden square and apex ones are alot smaller and cost double the price, what a great product well done Zoo Plus and thank you

The best yet!!

great service, prompt delivery, great product really good quality, easy enough to assemble and plenty big enough for 2 guinea pigs and a rabbit, in fact plenty of room for more!

Top marks for this run!

I have about 35 rabbits here at Fife rabbit rescue, so I need good quality easy to build runs, and these are excellent, nice and high to stop rabbits jumping out ( although not all!) I found the cover a bit fiddly to fit but with the addition of some clothes pegs it worked quite well. I will be ordering some extra panels to make the runs bigger. These are the best rabbit runs I have found.

Nice and Spacious

No instructions were included on how to assemble it, after a bit of time I eventually worked it out! The only thing that really lets it down is the material that is used for the 'roof/cover' - it is like material a tent is made from and when the wind blows it makes quite a noise which my rabbits get frightened by. Such a shame because other than that, it's very good.Also, every time I try and get the extension sections they are out of stock which is a bit frustrating.

Open air pet enclosure

Very quick delivery, ordered on Monday, arrived about 10.20 am today (Wednesday) and rabbit was in it by 10.30 am, it was so easy to fit together, it took a matter of minutes. When I first opened the package and realised there were no instructions, I thought "oh crickey" but when I got the pieces out and had a look, it was so easy to fit together I think the rabbit could've put it up herself!! It is also so big, several rabbits could be put in it at once.

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