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my guinea pigs absolutely love it, although i found the top half hard to access and clean, to make it easier i had to add hinges to the roof so it could be accessed easily. i would highly recomend this hutch to anyone !

not bad at all

Very easy to assemble and I like that the door on the bottom level locks nice and firmly so the pets don't fall through. The bottom area is v easy to clean. I'm not keen on the size and think its only really suitable for dwarf rabbits. Might be better it the upper level was easier to reach for cleaning too. Maybe some hinges should be added so you can open up the roof. But all in all, our little ones seem happy with it.

Daniela Starrkloff (09/04/10) Back to Outback 2-Story Extra Hutch

Great buy

I ordered this on Thursday after 2pm and within a few hours I had a email confirming it's been dispatched already!! In the end I paid £76 as it gave me a cupon for this price and the size of it 4ft double hutch it's great. I just hope my 3 boar guineapigs like it :-) with out even getting it yet or putting it together I'm already impressed with it.

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