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Good Fun For Rabbits

My rabbit loved this tunnel but she could really fit through the smaller turn so has just resorted to eating it all instead but it is keeping her busy, good buy compared to similar products!!!

Emily (01/05/12) Back to Grass Tunnel

Smiling full tummy bunnies

My bunnies loved it they play in it straight away and where snuggled in it when i went to bed. The next morning they were looking very pleased with themselves half of the large tunnel hard gone !!!!!!! It took another day for them to polish off the rest of the large tunnel, although the small one stayed intack for another week. So yes it was a great product but an expensive meal, still my bunnies are smiling

Sonj Gundry (19/09/10) Back to Grass Tunnel

Rabbits loved it!

I have nine rabbits and for guinea pigs and all of them loved this little tunnel... the guineas liked snuggling up inside and the rabbits loved the only lasted four-five days due to all the bunnys having a munch but it was worth it...and they loved the box it came in to.

Cheryl xx (19/09/10) Back to Grass Tunnel

bloody brilliant

bought for my bunnies. turn on end stuff with hay and prop up little tunnel with grass tunnel. perfect burrow. they love it. all snuggly and warm. 5 star rating. will buy more to connect together

a brooks (18/06/10) Back to Grass Tunnel
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