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Almost perfect bottle

Great bottle which the rabbits love. The green spout fixes into the vertical spars of the cage, similar to a bird cage water bottle. I use it in horizontal bars of my rabbits cage. Both ways need an extra support to hold the bottle. I have used string (which won't last long, I know!) I plan to use garden cable ties or a small bungee cord to do this. As I said, excellent bottle, rabbits love it. Only four stars due to the fact I needed to get an additional support of my own. Please supply in future, Zooplus!

Catherine Barnes (02/06/13) Back to Rabbit Water Bottle 1.5 l

Rabbit Recommended Water Dispenser

Both my rabbits were not happy with the spout type water feeders that seem to be supplied as standard at all Pet Suppliers. This version provides a stress free water supply and my rabbits gently lap up the water as they would from a bowl. I fitted a spring around the bottle to hold it safely to the bars on the indoor cage although my out door Trixie run has bar spacing that accomodates the bottle firmly without support. A Highly Recommended rabbit accessory.

Stephen Bell (11/10/12) Back to Rabbit Water Bottle 1.5 l


Best ever. I fill it twice a week max. Easy to fill and keep clean. Keeps two rabbits hydrated for 3-4 days. I got heavy duty elastics to hold it in place. I have mine for 3 years and still looks new.

Needs additional support

As other reviewers have already pointed out, there is nothing to attach the bottle to the cage. The dispenser at the base can be clipped to one of the rails but, when filled, the bottle is top-heavy and puts a strain on the dispenser. We utilised an old wire coat hanger for additional support but at this price some sort of bracket should have been included. Otherwise good.

Rabbit Water Bottle 1.5

Great product, very sturdy, holds alot of water, but there is no bracket for holding this onto the cage, so is a real pain. When totally full of water its quite heavy so you need a sturdy bracket to be included, but its not. very dissapointing.

Love it.

Huge. (I bought it for my ferret). The bowl is perfect size for drinking, but if your cage walls are high it might hang to high for a smeller pet. The bad thing is they didn't include that thingy to hang the bottle to the cage, so i had to think of something how to hang it on the cage... its good now :)

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