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Simply the best!

Absolutely the best water bottle we have found for our two lovely piggies- ended up throwing away other ones that either dripped constantly, refused to dispense water properly (poor thirsty pigs!), or were fiddly to keep on the cage. These fix securely both to our Ferplast cage and also to our new cube and correx cage. Attachment is left on the cage, just clip bottle easily in and out. Have got 3, and although they look set to last for ages yet, I really hope they never stop making these! Surprisingly hard to get hold of elsewhere so stock up!

Excellent - highly recommended

Easy quiet fitting, not as fiddly as some water bottles that use wire. Good clear measuring guage. Perfect for guinea pigs. Non drip. Everything you need from a water bottle.


I got 2 of these bottles, one with a guinea pig cage and the other with a gift set. The clear plastic body of the bottle feels a little flimsy but its great otherwise, fits to the bars perfectly and is very quiet. Very good!


i got one of these bottles with my guinea pig cage - it is brilliant, it fits on to the bars so it doesn't slip from side to side and is quieter than bottles i have had in the past, it doesn't drip either :o)


i got one of these with the guinea pig cage that i bought and it makes it much easier to attach it to the cage bars. it means you dont have to fiddle around with a wire to hold it on, as you just push it into the clip :)

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