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Received this cage very quickly and i was totally amazed at the value and qaulity for money. I have been looking around in pet stores for these and something for the same size would have cost me £100. This product truly is worth every penny. fantastic!


This is a really versatile roomy cage .easy to clean and move around and easy to see the piggies. Very good value.

New indoor rabbit cage

I purchased this gift set and was firstly surprised how quickly it arrived! Then I was amazed at how HUGE the cage is!! It was really easy to build and took me about 5 minutes max! The hay smelt delicious and the litter tray and water bottle are great! I especially love the food bowl with the rabbits on although you can't choose the colour you get... but I still got the colour I wanted (blue)!! The cage comes with a hay rack with fits easily into the cage too. Overall this is a cheap and great buy! The only bad thing is the paint comes of the metal bars when I close the doors, plus the cage is SO big I have nowhere to put it!! :D I really recommend this awesome gift set!!


Brilliant cage for my 2 boys to live in the house through winter. Was told by staff at a pet store not big enough for 2 rabbits but it is so spacious and they cuddle up with each other. Easy to assemble and clean out, my friend bought 1 for her rabbit when she saw mine. Excellent value for money

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