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I really like the look of it and would recommend to other bird owners, but the only thing is that on mine there was bits of glue i scraped it off but a whole load of wood came of too. Overall a decent product i do recommend.

Great climbing frame:

Super fast delivery and great product. I purchased this for my love bird who isn't allowing any of the other birds near it as she loves it so much. Potentially a lovely climbing frame although my bird is very happily breaking it to pieces! Over all very pleased and will be buying another soon.


I bought these for my cockatiels and found that one of the screw thingies came off within hours of it arriving, plus there were drops of glue all over it that i had to scrape off for fear of them swallowing it. Then I tried to glue the screw back in only to find that they've put the screw whole way too close to the edge, so the screw is loose inside the whole and just falls out with a touch. the glue i used came with one of the play gyms i bought off this site, which hardly works. i had to almost coat my gym 4 times to have it actually stick. They do seem to like it, but it does upset me that they can't actually climb up it like i want them to but instead have to settle for walking on it.

My hamster isn't fond of this

My Dwarf hamster doesn't use this at all other than wiggling through the bars.

bit slippery

bit hard for my baby rats to grip onto, but otherwise a pretty usefel ladder and chewing tool!

Not climbing

my hamsters dot use it much but they like to eat it :)

Great toy

This arrived for my Winter White Russian Dwarf Hamster "Titch" today. He's spent most of the day chewing it or doing acrobatics on it. :)

Lets Go Climbing

My hamster Fudge loves to climb and really enjoys this

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