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I think it is a very good present to give your hamsters but my Syrian kept gnawing at the bars and then kept jumping of on to the week and falling on her back but other than that I that it is great!

Great for any small animal,

I got this for my rats, I haven't put it up in the cage yet, but I do have another one like it and my rats love it, great price, well made.

my hamster loves this!!

I bought this for my hamster as a cage filler and never expected her to use it. She loves it! She is constantly walking on it, climbing on it, nibbling it!! The only issue we have had with it is that she has learnt how to unravel and chain from the ladder .it would be useful if the links were more sturdy. Bar that: we love the product!!

Great buy

I got his and was really happy with the quality and just how much product you get for your money. It was so big i split the ladders into two toys which was very easy and took 3 seconds. It is now a great chew and climbing toy for my gerbils.

My budgies love this:

Purchased this for my 2 elderly budgies hoping to get them a little more active. Since the first moment I added it to their cage they have spent all their time playing on it and even sleep on it, only leaving to go and eat!

Acrobatic hamster

Hamster loves climbing on this! I would recommend this for large cages only as it is quite long. It depends on your hamster character whether they would use this; and I am lucky that hamster is quite the gymnastic and really enjoys this toy! Going to have to buy her something more daring now!

Really Good!!

Really good and worth the money! You can take it to pieces and you the pieces individually :)

Good toy for all rodents

This was also a little bigger than I imagined, suitable for a syrian I'd say. My mice seem to like it. I had to tighten the little rope ladder to make it hang higher as it was nearly flat when the mice stood on it, but this was easily done by undoing the two knots and tying them again. A little tricky to get it to hang exactly level but I don't think your pet would mind! Lovely toy and I don't see this as dangerous at all, the chains are smooth and I don't think the links are small enough to catch toes etc. Good toy!

Chewable fun!!!

They loved climbing and hiding in and out of the ladder.My gerbils love this toy and it didn't take long before they started chewing.

Hammy Loves it

After putting this in my hamsters cage he jumped on it stright away, its a nice size for a syrian and my cage i no he will get hours out of it.

Degu size

I wasn't sure about the size for my degus but it is absolutely fine, they can even fit through the ring if they want to! It hangs a little uneven due to the chains and rope being fixed at slightly different lengths, this sometimes causes it to get caught up but not in a problematic way. I am wondering if they are fixed by hand and so some natural variation is likely anyway.

Excellent exercise

I posted this because I saw the negative review. That person didn't have anything bad happen to their hamster and admitted they didn't even use the product! I have TWO bridges like this and my hams don't even touch the chains. They climb on the wooden bits and chew them and have zero problems in the 6 months they have had them. Excellent product.

Loved by my degus!

My 2 degus absolutely love this bridge. They enjoy climing upside down over the top and chew on it a lot. This is the second one I have bought as they destroyed the last one eventually!

Downright dangerous!

I got one of these for my Syrian hamster, as soon as I'd attached it to the cage I realised I'd made a mistake. There are far too many chains etc for little feet to get caught on - I took it straight out and threw it away. I don't think items like this should be sold.

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