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Best hamster wheel around!

I have had so many of these wheels for my hamsters (past and present) and all 7 of my current hamsters have them. They're nicely made and come in 3 great sizes, although I only ever use the 20 and 29cm ones. They're perfectly silent and even with all 7 of them going at night they still don't keep me awake, the only noise from them is the pitter patter of hamster feet on them. They can be difficult to keep clean if they're used as they come, however, I and many others choose to paint them with plastikote paint which is non-toxic and means you can wash them just like regular plastic wheels and it also means they can fit with any theme you have in your cage! I definitely wouldn't use any other wheel after having had such great experiences with these!


Bought this wheel trusting the users' review on its being silent.. couldn't be more satisfied! My little Albert LOVES it, I think he could run on it all night long and all I ever hear is the soft tapping of his paws on the wood! It's like a lullaby to me now.

Alessandra Di Graziano (03/03/15) Back to Wonderland Wooden Exercise Wheel

Awesome! Worth every penny.

I bought 29cm wheel for my syrian hamster- and we both love it! Worth every penny. It's safe and comfortable for my hammy. And about noise... what noise? :D I have my hamster's viviarium next to bed and I can't hear a thing, so my little fella can run all night and I can sleep well. Not to mention that it looks great.

Awesome wheel

Brought the 29cm wheel for my hamster. Thought it was to big when I opened the box. But it actually is a good size, and my syrian hamster loves it. Plus it fits in the alaska hamster cage fine too. x


I bought this for my syrian and she seems to love it so far! I coated it in plasti-kote before using it to avoid pee stains. It matches in well with my natural themed cage and is very quiet! All you can hear is the pitter patter of hammy feet! No mechanical wheel sounds at all! It's also heavy enough not to be knocked over. Only used for a few days so can't comment on the longevity of it, but hopefully it won't get chewed to pieces!

Syrian Loves It!

Bought the 20cm for my Syrian and she loves it! Was worried that I should buy the bigger size but its perfect for her and she runs for hours. She doesn't chew it and its not too light that she can knock it over unlike her previous plastic one. It definitely isn't silent but it doesn't bother me.

Broken already

I bought this wheel about 3-4 months ago, and the internal mechanism has somehow broken. It is no longer silent and has a horrid clunky and rattley noise when spun. Not good. :(

Fantastic and impressive 29cm

I bought the 29cm one for our large Syrian, it fits nicely in the Savic Mickey 2XL cage I got for him. It is a joy to see him running so fast, with a straight back, then sitting in it while it rocks quite fast after he stops running! It becomes a swing. Yes it is virtually silent, nice to look at and has become quite an icon in our living room! Well made and smooth - feels safe. I bought it here because it was a brilliant price compared to other places. If you have a cage big enough for a syrian hamster, you will have room for the 29cm wheel - it is not just bigger than the 8" one, it is also deeper, which is quite important. In our cage we have this along the back left side of the cage, a Savic Dune platform in the back right corner, and about 3" space between them. There is still plenty of floor space for running around, and have a sputnik hammock hanging from the top and a little bridge. Our hamster isn't that bothered about toys - just his house, his wheel, a chew and a cardboard tube from a kitchen roll. The wheel has been the best buy (after the cage).

Hamster loves it

Fantastic wheel that really is silent! I can't get our hamster off it. We have the medium sized one for our Syrian and it is perfect.

lovely wheel, but...

Great price and really well made wheel. Goes so well with the Alexander cage. Bought the 20cm for my young Syrian (almost 3months old) and is the perfect size. Unfortunately, he chewed a couple of the runners which are built into it for grips and this left a nasty, very sharp and hard tiny bit of wood poking up. I didn't find this until the next morning when I found lots of blood splatter all the way around the inside of the wheel. Was a scary sight until I Sussed out what happened. Have had to replace the wheel with a 20cm plastic one which hopefully will reduce the risk if this happening again and will be easier to clean urine off! Disappointed but nothing could be done to prevent this, hamsters are natural chewers regardless of how many other items they have in their cage for chewing...they don't care what they chew!

20 cm

Great product but I've found it's too narrow for my mature hamsters. I wish I'd bought the big one

Finally a good night's sleep!

I bought the medium sized wheel for my Syrian hamster, and overall I'm impressed. A massive plus is that it's silent apart from the pattering of her little feet, so I can finally sleep soundly! However, the the morning after the first night I noticed what looked like small specks of blood all round the inside, which I'm almost certain came from her feet. I took it out for a couple of days and went back to the plastic one, and then reintroduced it just for a few hours each day for a few days to get her feet used to it. It has been in the cage ever since and I haven't had any more problems. My hamster loves it, but she also loves nibbling, so check regularly for splinters! Very impressed with the delivery.


Fab wheel looks really natural, no spidal to give hamster back problems, got the biggest size as hamster lives in a ventilated vivarium so ample of room but large size would suit a rat, a lot more expensive in the shops, only took 3 days to arrive and best of all silent!

I have one super fit gerbil now!

I got this for my new gerbils not thinking they'd use it as our last gerbil only ever chewed hers and never ran in it. There was half an hour of amusement as they figured out how to use it but then one of them really took to it and now runs in it for hours every day. The other gerbil isn't too fussed about it and maybe runs for 10 seconds at a time. We got the 20cm size and it's perfect for gerbils, it doesn't make any noise the only problem we had is that our gerbil ran so much it would move across the cage with the motion so we've secured it to the side of the cage now. Overall really pleased with this wheel!


I got it for my four gerbils. All four gerbils use this wooden wheel and it does not make a sound. Would defiantly recommend.

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