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20 cm

Great product but I've found it's too narrow for my mature hamsters. I wish I'd bought the big one

Finally a good night's sleep!

I bought the medium sized wheel for my Syrian hamster, and overall I'm impressed. A massive plus is that it's silent apart from the pattering of her little feet, so I can finally sleep soundly! However, the the morning after the first night I noticed what looked like small specks of blood all round the inside, which I'm almost certain came from her feet. I took it out for a couple of days and went back to the plastic one, and then reintroduced it just for a few hours each day for a few days to get her feet used to it. It has been in the cage ever since and I haven't had any more problems. My hamster loves it, but she also loves nibbling, so check regularly for splinters! Very impressed with the delivery.


Fab wheel looks really natural, no spidal to give hamster back problems, got the biggest size as hamster lives in a ventilated vivarium so ample of room but large size would suit a rat, a lot more expensive in the shops, only took 3 days to arrive and best of all silent!

I have one super fit gerbil now!

I got this for my new gerbils not thinking they'd use it as our last gerbil only ever chewed hers and never ran in it. There was half an hour of amusement as they figured out how to use it but then one of them really took to it and now runs in it for hours every day. The other gerbil isn't too fussed about it and maybe runs for 10 seconds at a time. We got the 20cm size and it's perfect for gerbils, it doesn't make any noise the only problem we had is that our gerbil ran so much it would move across the cage with the motion so we've secured it to the side of the cage now. Overall really pleased with this wheel!


I got it for my four gerbils. All four gerbils use this wooden wheel and it does not make a sound. Would defiantly recommend.

Best Wheel out there!

I love this wheel, right now only one of my hammies has one but I can't here him running on his over the rest of them, all you can hear is the tiny sound of their little paws, no squeaking!

Excellent wheel

Lovely wheel, no spindle to rub the hamsters back and good if you're going for the 'natural' look. Come in three sizes too so you can get the right size for your hamster :)

Excellant Wheel for Your Syrian Hamster-I highly Recommend it.

This is a fantastic wheel-am so glad I decided to purchase it-it fits perfectly in my Barney & Alaska cages.If you have a hamster who is likely to wee in their wheel though I do recommend you use Plasticote non toxic spray on paint first. All in all a fantastic wheel,very quiet also.I bought the largest size for my syrian but the 20cm will do fine for most syrian hamsters-Do buy this wheel,you wont be disapointed-its well worth buying it to give your hamster the best money can buy.

Fab for degus

I have 3 degus that destroy everything and thought I would give this wheel a go. I ordered the large on and it arrived this morning and so far seems fab. Very quiet just the noise of the degus feet pattering along. They were straight into it running and seemed happy! Will get a spare one as I know it will double up as a chew toy!


Received this today, extremely fast delivery and it is huge (29"). I'm not sure how my hamster will like it, but I am very happy with this product. Recommended buy!!

Fast delivery and Chaos loves it :) x

Ordered the 29cm version of this on Tuesday for my 9 week old Syrian Hamster Chaos and it was delivered today. Fits wonderfully in her tank and matches the home made platform/shelf unit my Dad made for her. She has tried it out and loves running in it...learnt what it was in matter of seconds. Thank you for a very fast delivery and have already ordered something else from your site as well :) x

Hit and Miss!

I have two of these, one is rediculously noisy and the other one is just noisy. I have cheaper wheels that are much quiter. However loads of people are happy with them so I must have got two dodgy ones. The hamsters who have them seem to like them and choose to run on the wooden wheel over plastic wheels when I give them a choice.

hamster perfection

i recently bought the 20cm version and it was completely perfect for my new syrian, not too big not too small, and fits perfectly in the cage. its sanded down to a smooth finish and theres nothing for your little hammy to get caught or hurt on, best wheel ive found thank you xx (P.S its so silent i can hardly tell when shes on it)

Great for hamsters

I have bought a few of these for my hamsters. Large for a Syrian and medium for dwarfs. They can use them without and problems and they are super quiet. I have used plasicote non-toxic spray paint to water proof them and to make them match my cage colours. Brilliant wheel with quality bearings.

Fantastic Exercise Wheel!

I bought the mid size wheel for my sons two gerbils a few months back and it is their favourite toy (they have a lot!). It is the perfect size for them, giving them lots of room to stretch out whilst running. We previously had plastic ones, but they started to nibble on those which isn't good for them! They have had their wooden wheel for a few months now and have nibbled it a bit; which is good for their teeth. I bought another one for when it is totally chewed, but I think that will be a long time away. This wheel is also very quiet which is great for us when they start their night time activities :)

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