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3 year old Bichon Frise

My Cody's throw up day's are over! Royal Canine was great with small bites and he loved it's crunch texture but would within minutes barf it all back up! For 2 years of his young life we tried premium foods but he threw up every other day it seemed. Finally I had to get more involved in the reason I had assumed just a sensitive stomach. He eats too fast! He's sick. I begain learning about dog food ingredients from other websites not the package advertisement selling points! That always sounded very good. I read what specialist said the ingredients really were and found out that every dog allergy trigger food was in most of my bags of food I was feeding Cody. Now I can just glance at ingredients in dog foods and see all the bad ones. I found out that most of the bad ingredients like by products really mean blood vessels and feet and other bad parts I would never give my beloved Cody had I known prior what it really was. Solid Gold is perfect...I mix this food with xtra fresh salmon or sometimes beef/steak meat for Cody. If we are having something for dinner that can't go on top of the solid gold crunchies he just has the crunchies alone. It's very hard to find a good without any of the allergic triggers especially for sensitive bichons. Solid Gold Barking Moon is best for Cody. We now live in London and Cody is healthy happy no reactions like the first years without Solid Gold. If you give them by products veins blood vessels chicken feet testicles, Wheat, Corn and Gluten! That plastic stuff that was killing our animals. You'd be sick too. It's so unfair to give dogs that by --product stuff people don't know what by-product -parts really mean and they don't tell you on the package or they know less people would by it. People say oh Rover loves it! No...Rover is just hungry so of course he wolfs it down. I'm suprised it's able to be put on the market and passed off as if it's healthy stuff! All those reading I'm speaking from experience my poor cody was throwing up almost every day I went to cooking natural foods for him Solid gold is best. Owners should read the ingredients! Stay away from wheats and by products and barley too if dog is allergic! How do you know what their allergic too? Well you have to start by eliminating certain ingredients one at a time. Eggs, wheat, corn, like that. Which yes it does mean changing dog foods alot until you can see that your dog is no longer throwing up or scratching or giving bad poop. Some dogs even allergic to chicken and eggs. I just cut to the chase by eliminating most of the triggers I read about. After reading Solid Golds Ingredients I notice right away they didnt have all those offending ingredients and only used real Beef and not by product beef. No Wheat or grains so I said let's try it! Nothing to lose now. Right away I noticed Cody did not throw up his food. I watched all week I knew I had finally found a good food. It contains Fish he loves and carrots, and potatoe. His poop is perfect! easy to pick up firm yet moist. I recommend Solid Gold dog food for a True Premium food and my carpet is clean these day's. Thanks Solid Gold for making such a good food without all the Junk!

Great food to rotate with orijen!

I use this as well as the Orijen original and Orijen fish as I like to rotate between the three so that my two don't get bored and so they have a good, high quality varied diet ensuring there are no dietary deficiencies or excesses built up over time. In my experience this is an exceptional food that my dogs wolf down and they look great on it, great muscle tone and healthy weight and beautiful soft and gleaming coats and their stools are always small and firm. It has a good high meat content, uses no grains and uses good quality ingredients throughout. I would definitely recommend using it as well as both orijens.

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