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Purizon Adult Chicken & Fish

Purizon Adult Chicken & Fish

Made using only natural ingredients of the best quality, this premium, sustainable dog food is grain-free, protein-rich, with 70% meat & fish. No added sugars. Suitable for all adult dogs. Made in UK.

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I liked it my dogs tummy didnt

I loved this food for the quality and no grains, but after 3 weeks i had to stop feeding it, my GSD's coat was gorgeous on this but her stools were like logs and huge sadly, so we will find another to try her on.

Good food but poos really loose

The food is really good quality, my dogs like it however even tho i am already on the 4th bag of it , the poo poos are still loose on the verge of diarreah so unfortunately will have to give up. Gave it a chance of almost 3 months but poops still the same.

Great food at an affordable price.

I've been looking for an affordable high meat content food for my Rottweiler for some time. I saw this on offer & decided to try it. In the past he has always had runny poos when changing food no matter how slow the change over. Not so with this! And he has more energy. He had been having JWB large breed turkey & rice for some time, but last year, a few months after his 6th birthday, he started slowing down & gaining weight. I did hours of research into the ingredients of dry dog foods. Purizon is 1 of the best if you want to give your dog a near natural, high quality, dry food diet. My only criticism is that the kibble is a bit too small for a greedy large breed dog.

Good stuff

An excellent food for an OK price. It makes Dexter very gassy, but I have discovered if I mix it 50/50 with Lukullus the gas goes away. He gets the benefit of 2 great foods and enjoys the 2 different textures too!

Good for the coat bad for the bum!

I fed my 2 staffies James well beloved puppy food and found they were occasionally loose with bowel movements. Once they turned one I introduced them gradually to Purizon. They both love the taste and wolf it down however they have been making some awful smells. They were extremely loose for a good month and just seem to be getting used to it and back to normal now after a couple of months. I would recommend this but you may have to stick with it for a bit until they adjust.

Great for training treats too

My dogs love this stuff, and its is pelleted in small discs, ideal for using as training treats. A large bag lasts for ages, so makes it very good value

Great Quality dog food!

Was finding it so hard to successfully feed my very fussy American Akita, but this product has done it! She loves it, and finishes it all! Great composition, has exactly what dogs need without the added rubbish you find in most market dog foods. Very similar to Orijen, but so much cheaper. Definitely recommend, Great Quality dog food.


Great food - my friends dogs who tends to avoid dry food entirely really likes this. Would recommend.


We have been using this food as a treat, but I wanted to review it in any case. The composition is great and it has the perfect kibble size. It's great for training the dogs, during a walk.

Flatulence extraordinaire!

We bought this for our 9 year old Russian Black Terrier, who had a problem with colitis, when he was showing signs of tiring of his Arden Grange Ocean White Fish & Potato (the only thing that had cured the colitis problem). We carefully phased the new biscuit in with the old over 4 weeks and at first he seemed to enjoy it although the kibble is smartie-sized which is tiny for a large breed to manage in its teeth. Once his ration became predominantly Purizon he stopped eating it and we had to pick out the AG biscuits from the mix to make a sufficient meal for him. We had also noticed an increasingly worsening flatulence problem; smells so evil I can't describe them! I don't doubt the quality of the food but he doesn't like it so we are going back to Arden Grange and are also trying Wafcol salmon & potato large breed (with big kibble) as an alternative mixer.

Just as good

Charlie my chocolate labrador used to eat Arden Grange but I found he was always hungry with it.I tried him on Orijen and Taste of the Wild and he loved both.I seen this food and tried him with it and he is enjoying it every bit as much for less cash.I recomend this food and will be keeping him on it

Purizon Adult Chicken & Fish

I swap to this food every few months from Orijen for my Staffy and Rottie and they love it. It appears to not be very well known on forums and food analysis sites but i can assure you that it isn't too far behind in quality. However, be wary that it is a high calorie food and will give dogs a lot of energy.

Good for muscle condition but lethal on the bottom

I was drawn to this product because the ingredients seem to be very high quality and the price is good relative to products of comparable quality. On the positive side, I believe my dog's muscle tone has improved. He was already very sporty, but the additional protein seems to have been needed. On the negative side, he has had room-clearing flatulence and his poo has been inconsistent since he started taking this. We carefully managed a tapered transition (over three weeks!), so as to give his system time to react to the new food. He hasn't adjusted to it, so, after a two month trial, I am giving up. I'm convinced that higher protein food is worthwhile though, so he is now in the middle of a three week transition over to Taste of The Wild. His flatulence has almost gone and his poo is nearly normal again.

New to Purizon

i have decided to change my five adopted dogs to this food as recommended by a friend as my previous choice was getting so expensive and all of them eat every scrap and now have added my foster dog to it and she loves it! a good size bite for my dogs and older dog to get through

Great food

My flat-coated retriever just loved this dry food. He is a fussy eater, but Purizon convinced him right-away. The kibble is really similar to the Orijen one, really good smell, fresh, high meat content. I cannot recommend this food more. Will report on the health and well-being impact later on.

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