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Replacement battery packs.

I fully agree with the positive comments on this product, the only downside is the cost of the replacement battery packs. Although it takes a little while to get the used batteries out of the short length of tubing they come in, they can be replaced. These N size Duracell batteries are not seen much in many stores, but are readily available from Amazon UK, you can get 10 for £5.59. A tiny dab of silicone grease or similar applied to replacements will make insertion and removal much easier.

amazing collar!!

iv bought every light collar out there and they all either fell apart or died very quickly with no way to change batteries, they may have been alot cheaper than these collars but i ended up buying a heap of them cos they didnt last but this collar is amazing and u can see it from really far away. great job done here

Great but only almost perfect!

Agree with both previous reviews. Great for keeping track of our pet Chow in the forest or park when dark. Only problem is the soft silicone tubing used is no match for other dogs taking bites out of it, presumably out of curiosity (or jealousy lol!). Unfortunately, the electrics are now exposed to the wet. A tougher material for tubing (maybe pvc as used in garden hoses) would get it 6 stars!

No need to play spot the dog in the dark!

These are excellent collars which are clearly visible even in pitch dark conditions. The only drawback is the battery pack which must be purchased with the collars as the batteries are inside the plastic tube. However on checking the cost of batteries its only 90p more. I've lost count of the number of people who have stopped me to ask about them and gone on to purchase one for their dog. Well done Zooplus for rtailing such a clever idea.


At long last a collar that does what it says. i have been driven to despair by the ordering countless collars that either do not work or that are totally inefficent. These collars are fantastic its worth spending a little extra to get a result. Most collars seem to come from hong kong lights very rarely work properly and are badly constructed.I have spent probably over £100 over the last year trying to find a decent one without exception they have all been useless.Very pleased with this collar which arrived promptly and with excellent packaging.Highly reccomended!

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