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Coco Palm Cat Scratching Post

Coco Palm Cat Scratching Post

Treat your cat to a tropical holiday with this palm tree scratch post. It has life-like felt leaves and dangling toy coconuts to keep your cat amused. Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 82 cm (L x W x H)

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They LOVE it!

I don't normally write reviews! But i felt this tree was worth it. I got two Kittens last September. I liked this post as it was a bit different but looked functional too. I was worried about spending a little bit more on this incase they didn't use it. I was pleasantly surprised when it came. Its easy to assemble and very sturdy. I rubbed a little cat nip into it to try spark interest and they loved the tree! They use it to both scratch and jump on. It has certainly seen some use and does now look like its been through a tornado! However it is still standing and fully functional. I wouldn't think twice about getting another should my cats manage to destroy it.

The proud owner of Agatha and Smog (22/03/15) Back to Coco Palm Cat Scratching Post

Best scratching post yet!

I bought this as my cat's xmas present and she loved it. She'd occasionally use her smaller scratching post with little enthusiasm but with this one every time she comes in from outside she has a scratch or climbs up to paw at the coconuts. It also looks nice and has got compliments from guests. The pillar requires screwing it to the base, as long as you don't have mobility problems this should be quite easy to assemble. Overall if you have a cat that likes to do even a litlle scratching chances are they'll love this.

Brilliant product, my kitten love it

I bought this for my kitten when he was 9 weeks, he took to scratching it immediately. The tree was three times as tall as he was, which he absolutely loved - used to climb up and 'surprised' us with his little peekaboo face. He's at 20 weeks now and is as tall as the tree when he goes for his scratchies and stretches so looks like we have to upgrade soon. Zooplus, more great products at low low prices, please, thanks!

Scratching Palm

Very easy to put together and good solid scratching post once it's up. Base provides nice little sleepy spot when the sun comes round. Cats making good use of it, particularly my Maine Coon who finds standard scratch posts a little short. All in all a very good product, very pleased.

Mrs Jack Bauer (24/07/14) Back to Coco Palm Cat Scratching Post

Brilliant, well made

My cats loved the tree. They had got two big for their kitten size post and this one does the trick really well. They also loved the cardboard box it came in!!! Fast delivery and great price.

My Cat Goes Coco-NUTS for this Scratch Post!

As pointed out by other reviewers, the nuts do pull off easily, but it was easy to sew them back on again! My cat loves this scratch post & has to have a little go on it every time she wanders past! It's very cute!

Jo68-Mad Cat Lady (13/06/14) Back to Coco Palm Cat Scratching Post

Excellent post and a bargain

Bought this for my Ragdoll kitten who has rapidly outgrown his first scratch post. This is the perfect height for him to stretch up against and have a good scratch. As soon as i easily assembled it he was sretching on it. Very happy

Great post

I bought this for my 6 month old cat ,as the other one was to short , the reviews were good too, received today & it's great it's a lot taller than my old one, my cat loves it and climbs to the top and plays with the balls, this is a very sturdy well made post , also she can have a long stretch on this , bril 5 stars,

cats and coconuts

We have 7 cats. We put the tree together, I scratched at the sisal and voila ! Cats interested and started scratching. It is brillant and is used every day, especially when they are kept in as they have been during the flooding. One cat, Sam, pulled off the coconuts almost immediately and they were brought to us as presents. I have had to remove them as they would chew them up and they are the only things that I would say are unnecessary and also a bit dangerous.Its fun, is completely stable (and we have some big cats), looks great and is the best cat scratch post we have ever bought.

Claude's New Coconut Tree:)

What a Fab design for a scratch post! Claude Our 4yr old Persian loves to stretch up to the top & grab the coconut's . Really good height with sturdy base,doesn't topple or move when Claude has good old claw at it too!

Excellent product

I couldn't resist this post and after reading the reviews decided to purchase. I was not disappointed. It's a great looking product, sturdy and my cat loves it. It's very funny watching him climb up to attack the coconuts!!

Very good value :)

Quite sturdy scratching post, I was pleasantly surprised :) My cat loves it, would definitely repurchase.

Barry & Victor's favourite post

Our 4yr old white/black puss and 21.5 yr old Tabby adores their 'Palm Tree' - we have to put the TV on hold so as we can watch Barry's antics; so funny, especially when he goes full-length to play with the coconuts

Coco Palm Scratching Post

My fussy Birmans absolutely love this post, having spurned all others. Have just ordered a second as spare.



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