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Trixie Wicker Cat Basket

Trixie Wicker Cat Basket

Trixie wicker basket with mesh door and handle. Ideal for short journeys and trips to the vet. Also a lovely place to use as a cat cave to snuggle into.

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Have been looking for a new transporter for my cat as he hates his current crate. Found this, loved the look of it and as he's very partial to his igloo shaped bed thought it would be ideal. I unpacked it less than an hour ago and he is now curled up asleep in it! Fingers crossed he still loves it when it's time to visit the vet!

Perfect transporter

This is the perfect transporter for my two 8 month old Siamese cats. I used to have problems getting my previous cat to go into the plastic boxes, but they love this. They sleep in it a lot, so serves 2 purposes, and it's big enough for the 2 of them. I put a cushion at the bottom and a blanket, you definitely need that as it's a bit spikey otherwise. Looks nice too.

Really good for cats and dogs

I originally bought this as a cat carrier for our two cats, who both fot in together very nicely. It was ideal for that purpose. Now we have a puppy and it's great for transporting him too, he also sleeps in it and settles down really comfortably in it (wih the addition of a cushion and blanket). It's one of the most useful items Ive bought and with 2 cats and 2 dogs Ive bought quite a lot of stuff!

Wicker cat basket

I bought this for my cat to take her to the vet in, but unfortunately it was so badly made that all the pieces of cane were sticking out extremely sharply inside the basket, all along the bottom, sides and top, and despite trying to cut most of them down and putting a blanket inside it, it was still impossible to use without severely wounding my cat. Zooplus was very good about refunding me, and I have seen that a lot of other people have given positive reviews so I am wondering whether to get another one in case this was a one-off? But people do need to be warned to check how sharp it is inside as could be very dangerous otherwise!

Lovely looker

Within fifteen minutes of this arriving my cat Oliver was inside, curled up fast asleep. I have high hopes of not having any trouble getting him to the vets in future!

Christine Kenyon (02/12/14) Back to Trixie Wicker Cat Basket

The best cat basket!

Bought this basket to replace the usual rectangular shaped plastic one, as my cat was getting cramped during travel. This one is brilliant - it looks much nicer, makes travel less scary for him, gives him room to arch his back and stretch and generally seems more comfortable for him. Fits perfectly into any seat in the car too. Easy to carry and the wicker has stood the test of time. Before buying I had wondered if the single front opening might be a problem with getting him into the basket, but if anything it's been easier than with the old one which had both front and top openings, I think because the shape of the basket allows him to enter it less awkwardly. Very glad I bought it!

Fabulous very happy

Love this cat basket my cat loves it too I would definitely recommend this if you want a good affordable cat basket/bed.

Travel in Style!

This is a lovely basket.It is well made and larger than i expected and I am hoping that if my kitten is not too traumatised with her vet visit she will use it as a posh place to sleep!

Annabel Cowey (03/04/14) Back to Trixie Wicker Cat Basket

All round excellent product!

What a great idea - my cats both HATE journeys in the car and love kipping in small tucked up spaces. This combines that feeling of a bed in a carry case. TIP - get your cat used to it as a comfy new bed for at least a week before you use it as a carry case so they think positively about it - this worked a treat! I feared they would never go in again after their first journey, but quite the opposite, they still love them and now find them comforting for their journey. I've got 2 maine coons so bought one each, they're a great size for them and well made - perfectly capable of carrying a 6kg cat. In the house they like them hidden under the table or behind a chair, the metal door is easily removed for this. Definitely purchase the trixie fleece bed to go inside, perfect fit! Plus they look great in my house, all round excellent product. So glad I bought them! 2 very happy cats!

Great Transporter

I purchased this about 6mths ago and my cat Percy is happy to go in it to be transported around. He can see 360 degrees so I think he doesnt feel trapped like other plastic transporters. I have managed to take the front off too and can reconnect when needed. Its a nice piece to have in the house too and he uses it now and again for a extra bed.

Excellent cat basket

We purchased this basket for our two new Birman kittens together with the Trixie bed. My kittens couldn't wait to get into the basket and fell in love with it straight away. I'm just about to order another as I know when they get a bit older they will definitely fight over it.

Light, pretty, perfect fit for the Trixie Cuddly Cat Bed

Lovely dual purpose basket. Makes a lovely cat basket with the Trixie Cuddly Cat Bed fitting perfectly. You can bend the iron gate back to the side to make it a welcoming open fronted bedroom for the cat. Very good value.

Travel with Style

I bought this beautiful wicker carrier for my 7 week old kitten. I want him traveling in style when I take him to the vet. Although it’s very stylish it definitely needs a soft blanket on the base for that extra comfort. Its fits nicely in the passenger seat and you can watch him through the bars driving to the vet. Now he is 3 months old and I have detached the front bars and use it for a sleeping hut, it looks so lovely in a corner. I definitely recommended this product, thank you Zooplus.

Eleni Michaelides (20/09/12) Back to Trixie Wicker Cat Basket

My cat loves it!

We recently purchased Trixie Wicker Cat Basket as we needed to take our newly acquired kitty to a vet. We went for this basket as we needed something we can keep in the kitchen for the cat to sleep in. (Bog standard plastic one does not look very pretty to have it around you...) Not sure how the cat will like it, but I did not have to worry. She loves going into the basket at night, and the basket is really sturdy - there was no problem when we carried it to the vet the other day. And great price is added bonus, too!

My Devon Rexes LOVE This!

Have just purchased a second wicker basket for rexes and kittens, multi functional whether transporting or using as a cosy den, hideout. Would recommend cushion and cosy blanket inside. Superior quality, style AND value from Zooplus!

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